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Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet 5-Stage True HEPA Air Purifier with PlasmaWave Technology

Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet is a large and sturdy true HEPA air purifier, intended for use at homes and apartments and is able to cover the area of up to 300 sq. ft. (~28 m2).

Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet comes with many, very interesting features, including thorough air purification, low operating costs, and simple use and maintenance.

Published: January 11, 2021.

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 Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet Features and Specifications

Winix HR900 physical dimensions are 16.3 x 9.6 x 23.6 inches (~41.4 x 24.4 x 60 cm) and it weighs 18.7 pounds (~8.5 kg). The unit is tower-shaped and is rather stable on any flat surface, however, pets and kids should not be allowed to play around it - if it is pushed with strong enough force, it can flip over.

The air purification system of Winix HR900 consists of five air filtration layers, including:

- Pet Air Filter is the first layer of the air filtration and is intended for capturing the largest airborne particles, including larger particles of dust, pet dander, pet hair, and similar. In order to prolong the operating life of other filters, Winix HR900 comes with 12 Pet Air Filters that should be replaced every month.

- Air Pre-Filter is a washable air filter. It is also intended for capturing larger airborne particles just as Pet Air Filter, but it features a very fine mesh that captures particles that have managed to pass through Pet Air Filter.

- Advanced Odor Control (AOC) carbon filter captures common household odors and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Unlike other carbon filters, the AOC carbon filter is washable, although its ability to capture odors and VOCs diminishes over time. It should be replaced once a year, or when signaled by the unit.

- True HEPA Air Filter is the final mechanical air filter and is intended to capture at least 99.97% of 0.3 microns or larger airborne particles, including the finest particles of dust, pollen, and other potential allergens. True HEPA Air filter is NOT washable and should be replaced once a year, just like AOC carbon air filter - they even come as a bundle.

- PlasmaWave air filtration uses plasma to capture even the tiniest airborne particles that have managed to pass through the first four air filtration layers. However, plasma purification systems may release harmful ozone in the area and, just in case, Winix HR900 comes with PlasmaWave On/Off button. Note: the amount of released ozone during the operation of PlasmaWave is far below the allowed amount (if produced at all!).

Note: Winix HR900 is a very simple to use and maintain air purifier, but when it arrives, be sure to read the manual, just in case. Also, before the very first use, be sure to remove the protective plastic bag from air filters.

Winix HR900 is rated at 90W and that is a lot for an air purifier - when the unit is set to Turbo mode and with brand new air filters, Winix HR900 features a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 264 for dust, 301 for pollen, and 258 for smoke, making it suitable even for larger areas at home and apartments.

But, when the unit is set to Sleep Mode, its operating noise is just 27 dB, making it almost completely silent and suitable even for bedrooms and children's rooms. winix hr900 controls

Winix HR900 is a very popular unit, and one of the reasons is the simplicity of use - it doesn't feature Bluetooth nor WiFi connectivity and it doesn't support Amazon Alexa nor Google Home Assistant.

Thus, the controls are very simple and they include:

- Power Button turns the unit On and Off,

- Mode Button sets the air purification mode and fan speed. There are five fan speeds, including Sleep Mode, Low, Medium, High, and Turbo. When set to Auto Mode, Winix HR900 uses its three air quality sensors to measure the air quality and to adjust the fan speed as required.

- PlasmaWave button turns the PlasmaWave air purification On and Off. Note: When the unit is set to Sleep Mode, PlasmaWave is automatically turned off.

- Timer button sets the timer On and Off and allows the user to set the unit to operate for 1, 4, and 8 hours.

Also, Winix HR900 comes with the Filter Replacement Indicator which signals to the user when it is time to replace air filters.

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Air quality indicator at the front of the unit signals the user current air quality:

- Blue Light: good air quality.

- Amber/Yellow Light: fair air quality, but it could be better.

- Red Light: poor air quality.

Winix HR900 is almost a plug-'n'-play unit, thanks to the Auto mode and triple sensors that measure the air quality and adjust the fan speed according to the air quality - many users just set the Auto mode or Low mode and let the unit do its job continuously.

Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet Maintenance

Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet is very easy to maintain - the unit should be placed on the permanent location, on the flat surface, at least 12-18 inches (~30-46 cm) away from the walls for maximum airflow.

Pet Air Filter should be replaced once a month - use that activity to clean the unit and if required to wash washable filters. Note: For exact procedures, check the manual.

t air filterAlso, once a year, replace AOC carbon air filter and true HEPA air filters.

When ordering/purchasing new air filters, be sure to always go for OEM air filters:

- Pet Air Filter: Filter U – 1712-0094-00,

- AOC/HEPA Air Filters: Filter T – 1712-0093-00.

Air purifiers depend on the quality and condition of their air filters and one should not go for cheap replacement filters.

winix hr900 2Long Story Short: Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet is a high-capacity true HEPA air purifier, simple to use and maintain.

The fact that it lacks WiFi and other advanced features many users actually consider as a plus!

If You are looking for such air purifier, consider this unit - it can significantly increase the air quality at your home and help people with asthma and allergies, regardless if pets are present or not.

Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

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