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Tineco A10 Master Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Tineco A10 Master is convertible, 2-in-1 cordless, bagless, vacuum cleaner. It is designed to quickly and easily convert from stick vacuum into handheld vacuum and back. It features strong suction, various cleaning tools, good air filtration and is suitable even for the main vacuum cleaner in medium homes and apartments.

Tineco A10 Master comes in two versions, differing only in the color and filter cleaning tool.

Published: March 5, 2019.

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Tineco A10 Master Features and Specifications

Tineco A10 Master is powered using 6-cells, 21.6 V, 2000 mAh lithium ion battery, which provides up to 25 minutes of operation using Normal suction mode and up to 7 minutes using Max suction mode.

In order to prolong the cleaning time and hence increase the vacuumed area, Tineco A10 Master features battery that can be easily removed and the best of all, it comes with two batteries, by default, for total of up to 50 minutes of vacuuming using Normal suction mode and up to 14 minutes using Max suction mode.

Note: these times are obtained in the handheld mode, using non-motorized cleaning tools. In real life, one can expect slightly shorter operating times, especially when using motorized cleaner heads.

Tineco A10 Master is rated at 350 watts and provides 110 Air Watts of suction, which is very good for cordless unit in this price range.

Tineco A10 Master comes in two different versions: Orange and Metallic Gray.

The only difference between these two models is in the color and the fact that Metallic Gray comes with additional Pre-Filter Cleaning Tool and one spare pre-filter (pre-motor air filter). Other than that, these two models are the same.

When unit arrives, the box contains (Orange model): handheld unit body, cleaning wand, multi-floor power brush, crevice tool, mini power brush, 2-in-1 dusting brush, soft-roller power brush, two batteries, dual battery charger, storage/charging station. As said before, Metallic Gray model also features pre-motor air filter cleaning tool and one pre-motor air filter.

tineco a10 master cleaner heads- multi-floor power brush is one of two floor cleaner heads. Multi-floor power brush features motorized brushroll, optimized for cleaning various floors like carpets, rugs, and even bare floors.

It has very low profile, allowing the user to clean under beds, sofas, furniture and similar. Also, thanks to strong LED headlights, it helps the user to easily spot the dirt and to clean in low light conditions.

Brushroll does a good cleaning job, helping the unit to remove dirt of various types from various floors. However, it is not maintenance free brushroll and it must be manually cleaned from the entangled hair, fibers, lint and similar debris.

- soft-roller power brush is optimized for vacuuming bare floors, including sensitive hardwood and laminate floors. Multi-floor power brush can be used for bare floors too, but the soft-roller power brush tool is more gently toward sensitive floors.

Soft-roller also has to be periodically cleaned from entangled pet and human hair and similar debris.

- handheld unit body weighs just 2.87 pounds (~1.3 kg) and contain components like dirt bin, motor, air filters, controls, battery slot and similar.

Dirt bin is transparent, allowing the user to see type and amount of vacuumed dirt. Dirt bin capacity is 0.4 liters which is enough for regular and quick cleanups, but personally it could be larger.

Dirt bin features bottom dirt emptying system, enabling the user to empty the dirt directly into the trash can.

Note: Tineco A10 Master doesn't feature dirt bin full sensor, clog/blockage sensors and similar. It is up to the user to empty the dirt bin when it gets full (up to Max fill line) and to observe when there is a blockage of some kind in the system. Also, Tineco A10 Master features motor thermal protection system that shuts off the motor if it starts to overheat due to the decreased air flow and hence decreased cooling. Tineco A10 Master is easy to use and maintain vacuum, but when it arrives, be sure to read the manual thoroughly - better safe than sorry!

- cleaning wand increases the reach when cleaning overhead surfaces and allows the user to vacuum floors without bending. Cleaning wand can be quickly attached and removed, depending on the situation.

- crevice tool is use for cleaning edges, gaps, corners and similar often awkward areas to reach and vacuum.

- mini power brush features small powered brushroll. It is used for vacuuming smaller upholstered and carpeted areas that tolerate such cleaning. Mini power brush can be very helpful for removing deeply embedded dirt, including pet hair. Like larger main cleaner power brushes, mini power brush is not maintenance free cleaning tool - it is up to the user to periodically removes entangled dirt from the brushroll and check the tool for dirt and potential issues/blockages.

- 2-in-1 dusting brush is versatile cleaning tool, designed as combination of upholstery cleaning tool and dusting brush.

tineco a10 hero battery- two batteries doubles the operating time of the unit when compared with Tineco A10 Hero vacuum cleaner. Also, using two separate batteries (one in the unit, one being ready or charged) instead of one large battery keeps the weight rather low.

On the other hand, when the first battery is discharged, user must remove the discharged battery and attach fully charged battery - fortunately, this can be done rather quickly. Also, unlike units with built-in batteries, should something happen with these batteries, new batteries can be ordered, extending the operating life of the vacuum.

For the safety reasons, batteries are shipped being only ~30% charged. When the unit arrives, charge the batteries first (up to 3 hours) - in the mean time, read the manual and get accustomed to your new unit.

When the batteries are discharged, it takes 3.5 - 4 hours to fully charge them again - batteries can be charged while being attached to the handheld unit or while being detached.

tineco a10 master charger

- dual battery charger is used for charging both batteries at the same time. When the batteries are fully recharged, charge indicator lights are turned off - it is up to the user to manually connect charging plugs into the batteries and to disconnect the charger from the fully charged batteries. It is not recommended to leave the battery charger indefinitely connected with the batteries.

- storage/charging station is used for storing the vacuum, cleaning tools and for charging the batteries. Storage/charging station (storehouse) is usually held on the floor and it is rather stable, but just in case, don't let the kids and pets play around it, as it can be tripped over if pushed with sufficient force.

- pre-motor air filter cleaning tool is available with Tineco A10 Master Metallic Gray version, which also includes spare pre-motor mechanical air filter. Pre-motor air filter cleaning tool (also known as 'Pre-filter cleaning tool') is used for quick cleaning of the pre-motor mechanical filter - under 10 seconds - speeding up significantly the unit's maintenance.

Tineco A10 Master Air Filtration

tineco a10 master pre motor filterTineco A10 Master features multilayered air filtration system.

Cyclonic action is combined with three mechanical air filters: mesh air filter, pre-motor air filter and post-motor high efficiency air filter (also labeled as HEPA air filter, but without declaring actual HEPA air filtration level).

All filters are washable using cold running water. After washing they must be thoroughly air dried for at least 24 hours and then returned into the unit.

Note: never operate unit with wet filters and never operate unit without the air filters. Such use can damage the unit and you may lose your warranty. For exact maintenance procedures, check the manual.

Tineco A10/A11 Accessories Kit

Tineco A10 Master comes with very useful set of cleaning tools. However, if that is not enough, consider getting a genuine Tineco A10/A11 Accessories Kit which contains:

a10 a11 accessory kit

Tineco A10/A11 Accessories Kit contains:

- Soft Dusting Brush is used for dusting sensitive surfaces. As the bristles glide over the surface, they agitate the dirt particles which are then easily vacuumed via strong suction.

- Flexible Extension Hose help with the reach and cleaning of odd places, like under car seats, behind furniture, home appliances and similar.

- Flexible Multi-Angle Cleaning Wand is used for vacuuming hard to reach areas, especially elevated surfaces like upper parts of the furniture, wardrobes, doorways, ceiling fans etc.

- Long Crevice Nozzle is 24.2 inches (~61.5 cm) is used for vacuuming behind and under home appliances, sofas, beds, furniture and similar. Also, it is excellent for cleaning hard to reach edges, gaps etc.

- Nylon Accessory Storage Bag is used for storing all of the mentioned accessories.

Tineco A10/A11 Accessories Kit may ordered online, when required.

Tineco Cordless Vacuum Cleaners - Comparison Table

Tineco manufactures several similarly designed convertible vacuum cleaners, differing in color, available attachments, number and capacity of the batteries, dirt cup size and other often important features.

The following table lists Tineco's most popular cordless vacuums:

Model Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Vacuum Tineco A10 Master Cordless Vacuum (Orange) Tineco A10 Master Cordless Vacuum (Gray) Tineco A11 Hero Cordless Vacuum Tineco A11 Master Cordless Vacuum
Photo tineco 10 hero table tineco 10 master orange table tineco 10 master grey table tineco a11 hero table tineco a11 master table
Lithium Ion Battery 2000 mAh 2000 mAh, 2x 2000 mAh, 2x 2500 mAh, 2x 2500 mAh, 2x
Normal Mode Running Time Up to 25 min Up to 50 min
(2x 25 min)
Up to 50 min
(2x 25 min)
Up to 60 min
(2x 30 min)
Up to 60 min
(2x 30 min)
Max Mode Running Time Up to 7 min Up to 14 min
(2x 7 min)
Up to 14 min
(2x 7 min)
Up to 15 min
(2x 7.5 min)
Up to 15 min
(2x 7.5 min)
Rated Power (Watts) 350 W 350 W 350 W 450 W 450 W
Suction Power (Air Watts) 110 AW 110 AW 110 AW 120 AW 120 AW
Charging Dock Single Battery Charger + Storehouse Dual Battery Charger + Storehouse Dual Battery Charger + Storehouse Dual Charging Powerhouse Dual Charging Powerhouse
Battery Charging Time ~3.5 h ~3.5 h ~3.5 h ~3.5 h ~3.5 h
Dirt Bin 0.4 liters
0.11 gal
0.4 liters
0.11 gal
0.4 liters
0.11 gal
0.6 liters
0.16 gal
0.6 liters
0.16 gal
Motorized Multifloor Cleaner Head Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
LED Headlights Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mini Power Brush Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Crevice Tool Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2-in-1 Dusting Brush Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hair Cleaning Tool Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Motorized Bare Floor Cleaner Head No Yes Yes No Yes
Filter Cleaning Tool No No Yes Yes Yes
Spare Pre-Filter No No Yes Yes Yes
Soft Dusting Brush No No No No Yes
Flexible Extension Hose No No No No Yes
Flexible Multi-Angle Wand No No No No Yes
 Long Flexible Crevice Tool No No No No Yes 
Amazon Link Tineco A10 Hero Tineco A10 Master (Orange) Tineco A10 Master (Gray) Tineco A11 Hero Tineco A11 Master

Note: Amazon affiliate links in the table open in the new windows, feel free to check them for most up-to-date offers and prices.

As one can see, only Tineco A11 Master model features all available cleaning attachments, including cleaning attachments found in the Tineco A10/A11 Accessory Kit.

Also, Tineco A11 Master is the most expensive model listed in the table.

Long Story Short: Tineco A10 Master comes with 2-year limited warranty and it features good suction and air filtration, versatile set of cleaning tools, long runtime especially using both batteries, easy and low cost maintenance etc.

If you are looking for such 2-in-1 convertible vacuum, consider this model.

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