Tineco Vacuum Cleaners

Although Tineco is relatively new vacuum's brand, their models gained popularity rather fast due to the well balanced quality, features and prices.

Tineco is most know for manufacturing A10 and A11 cordless vacuums, which are often compared with the best, already established cordless units on the market.

For more information about their products, check Tineco Official Webiste (link opens in the new window).

Here is the list of our Tineco vacuum cleaner reviews and recommendations, ordered according to the date added or updated:

Tineco Pure ONE S11 Tango Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum

tineco pure one s11 tango mTineco Pure ONE S11 Tango is an advanced, convertible 2-in-1, cordless vacuum cleaner suitable as the main vacuum cleaner even in larger homes and apartments.

Tineco Pure ONE S11 Tango may be used as a cordless, bagless stick vacuum cleaner or as a lightweight, but powerful handheld vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the strong suction, excellent air filtration, and the set of cleaning tools and accessories, Tineco Pure ONE S11 Tango is one of the most popular vacuums in its class.

Published: August 18, 2021.

Tineco Floor One S3 Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner

tineco floor one s3 mTineco Floor One S3 is designed as a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, optimized for thorough cleaning of various sealed hard floors like hardwood, laminate, linoleum, tiles, stone, and similar.

Tineco Floor One S3 is an advanced cleaning system, featuring WiFi connectivity, voice prompts, smart sensor technology, dual-tank design, high-capacity lithium-ion battery, etc., and can be used for regular cleaning tasks and for cleaning in emergencies and similar situations.

Published: November 24, 2020.

Tineco iFLOOR3 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

tineco ifloor3 mTineco iFLOOR3 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner is a 2-in-1 wet dry vacuum cleaner and washer, optimized for bare floor cleaning, including glazed tiles, sealed hardwood, sealed laminate, granite, marble, and similar.

Tineco iFLOOR3 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner comes with an onboard lithium battery that eliminates the need for a long power cord, dual-tank design, powered brushroll, HEPA air filter, and a few more features that makes this bare floor wet/dry vacuum/washer one of the most popular in its class.

Published: November 17, 2020.

Tineco iFloor Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

tineco ifloor mTineco iFloor Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner is a lightweight and compact, wet-dry vacuum cleaner and hard floor washer combined in a single unit.

Tineco iFloor features two separate tanks design, self-cleaning function, Normal and Spot cleaning mode, spinning brushroll, etc., and is suitable for use on sealed hardwood floors, linoleum, tiles, marble, and similar.

Updated: October 26, 2020.

Tineco A10 Hero and Tineco A10 Hero+ Cordless Stick/Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

tineco a10 hero mTineco A10 Hero and Tineco A10 Hero+ are two very similar cordless and bagless, 2-in-1, lightweight convertible vacuum cleaners. Although the Tineco A10 Hero/Hero+ are entry models of the Tineco's series of cordless stick/handheld vacuums, they feature rather good suction, ergonomic design, versatile cleaning tools and in the end, they come at very reasonable price considering the features and performances.

Tineco A10 Hero/Hero+ are powered via power fade-free lithium ion detachable battery, providing long cleaning time on a single battery charge, at least when the units are used in the Normal suction mode.

Updated: November 25, 2019.

Tineco Pure ONE S12 Smart Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

tineco pure one s12 m

Tineco Pure ONE S12 are a group of versatile cordless vacuum cleaners that features Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, digital controls, strong suction, long operating time, detachable lithium ion batteries, various cleaning tools etc.

When compared with Tineco A10 and A11 vacuums, Tineco Pure ONE S12 come with improved suction, digital user interface, longer operating time etc. But, Tineco Pure ONE S12 vacuums also cost slightly more.

Published: July 18, 2019.

Tineco A11 Hero vs. Tineco A11 Master Cordless Vacuums - Review, Comparison and Recommendation

tineco a11 hero vs master mTineco A11 Hero and Tineco A11 Master are two very similar cordless, bagless, 2-in-1 convertible vacuum cleaners. They are designed to be used as lightweight stick vacuums and as strong handheld units.

Main differences between Tineco A11 Hero and Tineco A11 Master are obviously, in color, but also in the list of available cleaning tools and attachments.

Published: March 9, 2019.

Tineco A10 Master Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

tineco a10 master mTineco A10 Master is convertible, 2-in-1 cordless, bagless, vacuum cleaner. It is designed to quickly and easily convert from stick vacuum into handheld vacuum and back. It features strong suction, various cleaning tools, good air filtration and is suitable even for the main vacuum cleaner in medium homes and apartments.

Tineco A10 Master comes in two versions, differing only in the color and filter cleaning tool.

Published: March 5, 2019.