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Shark ZS351 Rocket Zero-M Ultra-Light Corded Stick Vacuum

Shark ZS351 Rocket Zero-M is an ultra-light, corded, bagless, convertible, stick vacuum cleaner. It can be used as a stick vacuum cleaner, as a handheld vacuum with a cleaning wand, and as a strong handheld vacuum cleaner. Shark ZS351 Rocket Zero-M is suitable as the main vacuum cleaner in smaller homes and apartments and as a second vacuum cleaner in larger homes and apartments, and as an emergency vacuum cleaner in general.

It is a low maintenance unit, following the proven Shark's design of convertible ultra-light stick vacuums, which started a long time ago.

Updated: June 20, 2020.

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Shark ZS351 Rocket Zero-M Features and Specifications

Shark ZS351 Rocket Zero-M main feature is so-called Zero-M cleaner head which is designed to actively remove pet and human hair, fibers, lint and similar debris from the motorized brushroll, greatly reducing maintenance tasks and saving time and effort.

Other Shark vacuums, Rockets included commonly use DuoClean cleaner head, which uses two different brushrolls which are operated together. Combined effect of these two brushrolls is excellent, enabling the DuoClean technology to set some new standards in floor cleaning.

However, DuoClean technology requires the user to regularly clean both brushrolls from entangled hair and fibers, which can be daunting task for pet owners and people with long hair.

Thus, Shark invented Zero-M technology.

zero m cleaner head

For short, DuoClean technology is excellent for keeping various floors clean, as long as there are no hair issues. Zero-M is perhaps not as good as DuoClean technology in cleaning floors, requiring slightly more time when vacuuming, but the brushroll is almost maintenance free!

Shark ZS351 Rocket Zero-M features fingertip controls with three settings:

- OFF: this setting turns the unit off,

- SETTING I: the Zero-M brushroll spins slowly to clean bare floors and sensitive carpets/area rugs.

- SETTING II: the Zero-M brushroll spins at the maximum speed to clean deeply embedded dirt and hair from carpets.

Note: Brushroll cover is transparent, allowing the user to see brushroll condition. If you notice hair wrapped around the brushroll, especially after vacuuming using the SETTING I, move the vacuum to tiles (or any similar surface resistant floor) and using SETTING II, move the cleaner head back and forth few times to help the unit remove the hair and suck it into the dirt bin.

Shark ZS351 Zero-M cleaner head features a light indicator - if the brushroll light is green, brushroll performs as it should. If the brushroll light is red, turn off the unit, unplug it from the wall and remove any clogs and blockages from the cleaner head and rest of the vacuum.

Also, Zero-M cleaner head features advanced swivel neck for improved maneuverability and vacuuming under beds, sofas and furniture.

body led lightsStrong LED headlights help the user spot dirt in both low-level and daylight conditions. Also, to help with the cleaning in handheld configuration, LED lights are positioned on the handheld vacuum, too.

Shark ZS351 Rocket Zero-M is powered using 30 feet (~9.1 m) long power cord, providing extra-long cleaning reach while using just one wall power socket.

Shark ZS351 Rocket Zero-M is rated at 500 watts (4.2 Amps) and although there are much stronger vacuums on the market (>1200 W, >10 Amps), Shark ZS351 features good suction which in combination with Zero-M cleaner had and available attachments, help the user keep home clean and pleasant to live.

To protect the motor, unit features thermal protection which shuts off the motor in the case of decreased (or fully stopped) air flow. If that happen, turn off the unit, unplug it from the wall, remove clogs and blockages, wait 45 minutes for the motor to cool down and for the thermal switch to reset itself.

Shark ZS351 Rocket Zero-M physical dimensions are (H x W x D) 47.2 x 10.2 x 13.4 inches (~120 x 26 x 34 cm) and in ultra-light stick configuration, it weighs 9 pounds (~4.08 kg), making it good choice even for elderly people and kids (kids under supervision of adults, of course!).

Unit features three cleaning modes:

- ultra-light stick/upright vacuum cleaner,

- above the floor mode using cleaning wand,

- handheld/above the floor mode without using cleaning wand.

When the unit is used for above the floor cleaning, it uses available cleaning attachments for vacuuming. Thanks to the convertible design, one unit is being able to clean different surfaces from the floor to the ceiling.

Note: Shark ZS351 Rocket Zero-M is simple to use and maintain vacuum cleaner, but just to be sure, before the first use, be sure to read the manual. Also, Shark manufactures several very similar Shark Rocket Zero-M models (for example, ZS350, ZS351, ZS352) and they differ in color, available attachments and even the store where they are sold, but general features and specifications are the same.

Transparent dirt bin allows the user to see amount and type of vacuumed dirt. Its capacity is 0.4 dry quarts (~0.45 liters) up to the 'Max Fill Line' - personally, capacity could be larger, but the dirt bin can be quickly emptied from the bottom, without making a mess.

post motor filterAir filtration is not HEPA grade, but it is good. Air filtration is based on cyclonic action combined with mechanical air filters:

- washable pre-motor foam and felt filters,

- washable post-motor air filter.

Filters are washable using water only. After washing, allow them to dry thoroughly and never assemble the unit with wet air filters, since moisture can damage the unit. Also, never use the vacuum without the air filters.

All air filters are designed to last a vacuum's operating life, but if required, spare filters can be ordered online.

Note: Shark ZS351 Rocket Zero-M comes with 5 year limited warranty, which is excellent for such vacuum. And no, Shark ZS351 Rocket Zero-M is not a dirty cheap unit, it comes with nice price tag, but what you pay is what you get :)

 Shark ZS351 Rocket Zero-M Cleaning Tools

When being used in above-floor mode, Shark ZS351 Rocket Zero-M uses two tools which come by default with the unit: Duster Crevice Tool and Pet Multi Tool.

duster crevice tool

Duster Crevice Tool is combination tool consisting of dusting brush and crevice tool. Dusting brush is used for cleaning dust, pollen and other fine particle dirt from sensitive areas. Crevice tool is used for cleaning dirt from narrow gaps and crevices, like between cushions and mattresses, corners, edges and similar.

pet multi tool

Pet Multi-Tool also combines two tools in one. A stiff bristle brush is designed for cleaning pet hair and other stubborn dirt and messes from stairs, sofas, pet beds and similar. Upholstery tool is used for cleaning the dirt from more delicate surfaces like upholstery (hence the name), and other sensitive surfaces where a stiff bristle brush would be a too 'aggressive' means of cleaning.

There are also other cleaning tools and attachments that can be used with Shark ZS351, but they have to be ordered separately, if/when required: Dusting Brush, 12" (30.5 cm) Crevice Tool, Pet/Upholstery Tool, Mini Motorized Brush, Flexible Hose, Under-Appliance Wand and Dust-Away Hard Floor Attachment with Microfiber Pad.

For Short: Shark ZS351 Rocket Zero-M is versatile, convertible ultra-light vacuum. It can be used for cleaning surfaces from the floor to the ceiling, using one of the available modes and cleaning tools.

It is highly recommended for people with pets due to the Zero-M cleaner head which does good job on various floor types and thanks to the active pet hair removal system, it is also low-maintenance cleaner head.

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that can be used as the main vacuum cleaner in smaller homes and apartments, or as the second vacuum cleaner in large homes and apartments, consider Shark ZS351 Rocket Zero-M, it is perhaps just the vacuum cleaner that you are looking for.

For more reviews and recommendations, check Shark ZS351 Rocket Zero-M Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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