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Shark SK460 Professional Steam & Spray Mop Review

Shark SK460 Professional Steam & Spray Mop is versatile corded/cordless steam/spray mop featuring three cleaning modes, both disposable and reusable mop pads, large water tank, separate hard floor cleanser etc.

Shark SK460 is designed for cleaning practically all sealed and glazed surfaces commonly found at home that tolerate steam and spray mop cleaning.

Published: March 1, 2019.

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When the unit arrives, it requires some assemble which can be done quickly and easily.

Although Shark SK460 is an easy to use and maintain steam mop, before the very first use be sure to read the manual.

All controls are positioned conveniently on the handle, including the 'Spray button' and 'Intelligent Steam Controls'.

Shark SK460 features 1050 watts (slightly less than 9 Amps) water heater requiring some 30 seconds to start to produce steam. Water heater is powered via 22 feet (~6.7 m) long power cord.

Such power cord is long enough for most situations and when the unit is stored, power cord is wrapped around the storage wrap hooks.

One of the very interesting features of SK460 steam and spray mop is that power cord can be detached away from the unit.

Shark SK460 also features 4 AA batteries that power hard floor cleanser spray, regardless if the unit has power cord connected or not.

Thanks to all these features, SK460 has three cleaning modes:

- Steam mode: in this mode SK460 mop is used as classic steam mop - unit cleans using power of hot steam and scrubbing effect of the steam mop pads, with no chemicals of any kind. Hot steam is able to sanitize the floors, killing at least 99% of various bacteria and germs. When using steam, be sure that your floors can tolerate such cleaning - use hot steam only on sealed and glazed floors like sealed hardwood, glazed tiles, stone, linoleum etc.

- Spray mode: in this mode, SK460 mop is used as spray mop only, cleaning the surface using hard floor cleanser in combination with the scrubbing effect of mop pads. Although this mode is not as effective as steam mode in sanitizing the floors, it is also less 'aggressive' toward sensitive and delicate surfaces.

- Steam & Spray mode: in this mode, SK460 cleans the surfaces using combination of hot steam, hard floor cleanser and the scrubbing effect of steam mop pads - highly effective in cleaning even the most stubborn stains, dirt and messes.

For short: Shark SK460 can be used as corded steam mop, as corded steam and spray mop and as cordless spray mop. It is NOT a cordless steam mop!

Water tank is not detachable and it is filled using filling flask. It is recommended by the manufacturer to use distilled or demineralized water for everyday cleaning - the use of tap water can shorten the operating life of the SK460 mop, by creating deposits on the water heater and other internal components of the unit.

shark sk460 reusable padsShark SK460 can be used with disposable steam mop pads or using washable steam mop pads.

Disposable pads should be used for cleaning extra dirty messes and dirt - just clean the area and throw away into the garbage dirty mop pad.

Washable steam mop pads are used for everyday cleaning - after cleaning let the pad cool down, wash it and dry on the air or in the dryer (low setting).

Mop cleaning head feature swivel neck, allowing it to easily maneuver around objects and obstacles found on the floors, including walls, beds, sofas, furniture etc.

So-called 'Intelligent Steam Control' system provides the unit with 3 levels of continuous steam, including:

- SaniFiber or Low setting, which is used for cleaning all surfaces found at home, including sensitive, but sealed wooden floors. If the wooden floors don't have sealed finish, they should not be cleaned with any steam mop.

- Mop or Medium setting is used for sealed hardwood, glazed tiles, stone and similar floors, where increased amount of dirt help clean the surface more thoroughly, without the adverse effects on the surface itself.

- Scrub or High setting is used for cleaning most tolerant surfaces and extra dirty and stubborn stains and messes.

shark sk460 cleanserWater tank holds enough water for some 30 minutes of cleaning, while singe bottle of hard floor cleanser contain enough cleanser for a month, on average.

Hard floor cleansers hold enough cleanser for approximately one month of normal use.

Most popular hard floor cleansers are Hard Floor Cleanser and Wood Floor Cleanser.

Hard Floor Cleanser is multi-floor hard floor cleanser formulated to leave the floors clean, with no dulling residue or streaks, especially when distilled water is used for cleaning.

Wood Floor Cleanser is formulated for cleaning sealed wooden floors, with or without the help of steam.

For short: Shark SK460 is not 'cordless steam mop'. It can be used in several modes, including 'corded steam mop', 'corded steam and spray mop' and 'cordless spray mop'. Three steam settings and three cleaning modes in combination with disposable/washable mop pads and hard floor cleansers, enable the user to keep home cleaner and safer to live.

If you are looking for a versatile steam and spray mop, consider Shark SK460 mop.

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