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Shark S3501 Steam Pocket Mop

shark s3501 1Shark Steam Pocket Mop, S3501 model, is very popular steam mop that comes in several versions, often differing only in color and available cleaning accessories.

Shark S3501 Steam Pocket Mop is compact and lightweight unit, with high capacity water tank and relatively strong water heater.

Thanks to its simplicity, it is very reliable and durable steam mop.

Published: March 1, 2019.

Units physical dimensions are 51.2 inches (H) x 12.0 inches (W) x 5.9 inches (D) (~130 x 30.5 x 15 cm) and it weighs 4.87 pounds (~2.21 kg) with an empty water tank.

Handle is very comfortable and its height can be adjusted to fit user's need.

Water tank capacity is 15 oz (0.45 liters) and allows the user to clean large surface without refilling the unit during cleaning. To help the user estimate amount of water in the tank, unit features water tank viewing window.

Shark S3501 is equipped with 1550 W water heater and it is ready to produce steam after 30 seconds. Some similar steam mops are capable of producing steam around or under 20 seconds after being turned on, but personally, this is not big difference when cleaning your home.

Unit comes with 20 feet (~6.1 m) long power cord, which is long enough for most cleaning tasks at home. However, it could be perhaps little bit longer. On the other hand, power cord is manually wrapped around cable storage hooks and longer cable could cause handling issues.

Power-on blue light on the front of the mop's body signal the user that the unit is operational.

shark s3501 mop head

Shark S3501 features full swivel mechanism allowing the unit to easily maneuver and clean around and under objects and obstacles commonly found at home.

Also, one of its most interesting features is the fact that both sides of the microfiber cleaning pads can be used for sanitizing and cleaning, doubling the time and area that can be cleaning with just one cleaning pad.

shark s3501 rectangularBy default, S3501 steam mop comes with rectangular cleaning head and two all purpose microfiber cleaning pads, but it doesn't feature a scrubbing mechanism.

Actual cleaning is done by the combination of hot steam, cleaning pads and scrubbing motion of the whole steam mop. When used as instructed, S3501 can kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria commonly found at homes. When the steam is applied for longer time, it can sanitize your floors even better than 99.9%, but such cleaning lead to increase in temperature of the floor surface and should be avoided.

Cleaning width is 12 inches (30.5 cm) helping the user to clean large area rather quickly, saving plenty of time.

shark s3501 triangularRectangular mop head can reach and clean edges and corners, but triangular mop head is even better in cleaning such places - if you have to clean larger area but with plenty of floor objects and obstacles, triangular head can be of great help.

It can be ordered from online stores, but it is also comes with some S3501 sub-models.

Regardless if you are using rectangular or triangular mop head, if the floors are very dirty with debris like sand, dust and similar, it is highly recommended to vacuum those floors first and only then to clean and sanitize them with the steam mop.

Vacuuming first enables the cleaning pad to clean larger area without changing it due to the accumulated dirt. Also, particles of sand, gravel and similar dirt can damage surface of tiles, hardwood and similar floors, before cleaning pad remove them off the floor.

shark s3501 padsShark S3501 steam mop comes with 2 all purpose microfiber cleaning pads. They are machine washable, but after some time they lose their ability to clean and retain the dirt. Fortunately, they are rather cheap, especially when ordered in the bundle with other cleaning accessories.

For daily cleaning tasks, all-purpose pads are the best option. However, for cleaning stubborn messes and stains from tiles, marble and similar very resistant floors, scrubby cleaning pads are better option.

Note: when cleaning sensitive floors, be sure that they are certified for cleaning with hot steam. Sealed wooden floors generally can be cleaned with steam mops, just be sure that there are no cracks in the wood finish. For example, waxed floors should not be cleaned with steam mops at all, since steam can damage the wax.

Shark S3501 is simple to use steam mop, but nonetheless, be sure to thoroughly read the manual before the first use.

Tap Water - Yes or No?

Generally, tap water can be used with S3501 steam mop, but it shortens its operating life. Although unit comes with 1-year warranty which is good warranty for steam mops, the use of distilled or at least demineralized water is highly recommended, especially in the areas with (very) hard water.

Not to mention that distilled water leaves no marks or streaks on the floors after drying.

shark s3501 sprayTo improve cleaning, distilled water can be combined with the pretreat with "Steam Energized Cleanser" spray that comes in several versions, depending on the type of floors being cleaned.

Such sprays are safe for pets and kids when used according to the instructions. Also, they are biodegradable and non-toxic and leave no streaks or marks ...

"Steam Energized Cleanser" sprays are simple to use - just spray very dirty areas, stubborn messes, dried stains etc. and clean the floor with the steam mop as you usually would. And that is all...

shark s3501 solutionInstead of tap or distilled water, one can use "Shark Energized Cleanser" cleaning solution which comes in the bottles that can be directly attached to certain Shark's steam mops with detachable water tanks.

Or use them to refill your S3501 steam mop.

"Shark Energized Cleanser" cleaning solution also comes in several versions, depending on the floor type.

"Shark Energized Cleanser" cleaning solutions and pretreat sprays do cost some money and they increase the price of having clean and sanitize floors, but they speed up the cleaning and make it more thorough.

Steam Mop Carpet Glider

Carpet glider for Shark S3501 steam mop is optional cleaning attachment. Steam mops are generally not well suited for cleaning carpeted areas, but using carpet glider S3501 steam mop can clean its surface and refresh and revive its looks.

However, note that deeply embedded dirt stays there and it must be cleaned using good carpet vacuum cleaner or even carpet washer/shampooer.

shark s3501 trayOne of the optional accessories, often overlooked is the steam mop drying and storage tray.

After the cleaning, there is always some residual moisture in every steam mop and storing them in simple plastic, but durable tray helps keep the floors dry and clean - as the unit cools down, steam is condensed into the water droplets and they are collected and kept in the tray.

Occasionally, empty and dry the tray to prevent water accidentally being spilled around.

Long Story Short: Shark S3501 Steam Pocket Mop is simple and reliable steam mop. If you have plenty of tile and/or marble, stone and similar floors, steam mop like this can help you keep your floors not only clean, but also sanitized.

If you have wooden floors that are certified for cleaning using steam mop, S3501 model can clean them thoroughly very quickly. Just be sure that the wood finish is without cracks.

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