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Shark ION Robot Vacuum Cleaner, RV750 Model

Shark ION Robot Vacuum Cleaner, RV750 Model is designed for small to medium homes and apartments, to help one keep the floors clean and hair-free.

Shark ION RV750 robot vacuum can be controlled using onboard control buttons, but for the best cleaning experience, the use of smartphone app (available for both iOS and Android) is mandatory.

Published: March 1, 2019.

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Shark ION RV750 Specifications and Features

Shark ION RV750 comes with several interesting features, one of them is self-cleaning brushroll, which can be very important for pet owners. Two side brushes help clean the edges and corners and direct all the dirt in front of the unit toward the suction inlet and the main brushroll.

Such cleaning system is better than one side brush in combination with the main brushroll and the central suction inlet.

Note: Self-cleaning brushroll features system for untangling pet and human hair, lint, fibers and similar, helping with the brushroll cleaning and maintenance. However, from time to time, user has to clean the brushroll manually, but not as often as the brushroll of similar robot vacuums without such system.

Shark ION RV750 is designed to pick up and retain short and long human and pet hair, dust, dander, pollen and other dirt and potential allergens, commonly found at homes and apartments.

So-called 'Smart Sensor Navigation' system enables the unit to easily navigates both bare floors and carpets, while the proximity sensors detect surrounding obstacles and adjust the cleaning path accordingly.

Shark ION RV750 robot vacuum doesn't feature classic IR remote control. It can be controlled via control buttons on the unit (Clean, Dock, Spot) or by using Shark's App, which enables the user to order the unit what to do via control buttons, via voice control (both Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa are supported) and to schedule the cleaning.

Unit is rather compact and its physical dimensions are 12.6 inches (32 cm) in diameter and 2.6 inches (6.6 cm) in height. Also, it is rather lightweight unit, weighing just 5.29 pounds (2.4 kg). Thanks to its low profile, unit is able to clean under most sofas and beds.

When it arrives, the box contains Shark ION RV750 robot vacuum cleaner, manual/instructions, 2 extra side brushes, filter, charging dock, 9 feet of botboundary, 2 botboundary connectors and cleaning tool.

Note: Shark ION RV750 is not complicated robot vacuum to use, but just in case, before the very first power on, be sure to read the manual/instructions thoroughly.

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To prevent the unit from falling of the stairs and similar obstacles, Shark ION RV750 features cliff sensors. Also, to prevent the unit from accessing certain areas of homes, the use of BotBoundary strips is recommended. Or, simply close the door of the rooms where robot vacuum should not clean.

When the cleaning is done, Shark ION RV750 automatically locate the charging dock and recharges itself. However, it doesn't feature advanced navigation system and path planing, so after recharging it doesn't resume the cleaning task.

Unit features power fade-free 14.8V 2600 mAh lithium ion battery, requiring some 3 hours to get fully charged.

Charging station should be placed on hard, flat surface, with its back against the wall. To help the unit find and successfully dock with the charging station, it is important to remove any objects and obstacles around the charging station/dock, 3 feet asides and 5 feet in front of the charging dock.

Shark ION RV750 is recommended for various bare floors and low-pile carpets. Due to its dimensions and design, unit can get stuck on the medium- and high-pile carpets and thick rugs. Also, to effectively clean such areas unit doesn't feature aggressive enough brushroll and strong enough suction.

Note: most robot vacuums have issues on the medium- and high-pile carpets and thick rugs, so it is not issue of just this model.

When being used on low-pile carpets, unit's operating time is ~60 minutes, and when being used on the bare floors, its operating time is up to 80 minutes.

Dirt bin capacity is 0.38 liters, which is good for such compact unit, but the dirt bin should be emptied after each cleaning sessions. Somewhat larger robot vacuums have larger dirt bins, but it is recommended that they should also have their dirt bins emptied after each cleaning task.

shark rv750 air filterAir filtration is based on high-performance pleated mechanical air filter, which is not washable. But, from time to time, pleated air filter should be tapped onto the inner part of trash can, in order to remove fine dust and debris. After some time, filter should be replaced.

Shark ION RV750 uses several cleaning modes, including automatic, manual and spot cleaning. Although it doesn't feature advanced mapping system, it is smart enough to clean whole accessible area in one cleaning, or at least as long as the battery has sufficient charge. After the battery is recharged, the unit will not resume operation, but when next scheduled interval arrives, it will clean the same area using different cleaning path.

Shark ION RV750 robot vacuum comes with 12 month warranty.

Shark ION RV750 Robot Vacuum Maintenance

In order to operate properly, certain vacuum parts should be regularly cleaned or even replaced. The list of the most important maintenance tasks is shown in the following table:

Part Clean Replace
Main Brushroll Check Weekly Every 6-12 Months
Side Brushes Check Weekly When Visibly Worn
Air Filter Tap Weekly Every 2 Months
Front Caster Wheel Clean Weekly Every 8-12 Months
Brushroll Door - Every 12 Months
Battery - When Directed by 'Replace Battery'
Dust Bin Empty After Each Use, Clean Weekly -
Cliff Sensors Clean Weekly -
Charging Pins Clean Weekly -

shark rv750 side brushesAll spare parts can be ordered online, and with quick delivery they can arrive within 24-72 hours, at least in continental US.

Some people prefer to order when an item is required, but some people like to be prepared. The most important parts, IMHO, to have stored are side brushes, main brushroll and air filter.

 Shark ION RV750 vs iRobot Roomba 690

Shark ION RV750 and iRobot Roomba 690 are two similar roboto vacuums that do differ in several important details. The following table lists their most important features and specifications:

Model Shark ION RV750 iRobot Roomba 690
Photo shark rv750 m  irobot roomba 690 table 
WiFi Enabled Yes Yes
Google Home Supported Supported
Amazon Alexa Supported Supported
Cleaning Time - Thin Carpets 60 minutes 60 minutes
Cleaning Time - Bare Floors up to 80 minutes up to 90 minutes
Cliff Sensors Yes Yes
Dimensions 12.60 x 2.60 inches 13.0 x 3.70 inches
Weight 5.29 pounds 7.8 pounds
Advanced Navigation No No
Dirt Bin Size 0.38 liters 0.30 liters
Task Scheduling Yes Yes
Dirt Detection No Yes
Self-Cleaning Brushroll Yes No
Side Brushes 2 1
Virtual Wall Barrier No Yes
Boundary Strip Yes No
Warranty 12 months 12 months
Amazon Link Shark ION RV750 iRobot Roomba 690

Note: Amazon links in the table open in the new window, feel free to check them for the most up-to-date prices and offers.

As one can see, Shark ION RV750 is more compact and lighter robot vacuum cleaner, which features somewhat smaller dirt bin (0.3 vs 0.38 liters).

Both vacuums are WiFi enabled devices and both support the use of Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Although they don't feature advanced path planning and mapping, they feature set of sensors to help them navigate seamlessly around the home, avoiding stairs and similar cliffs and when the battery is discharged, both units are able to find their charging dock and recharge.

Cleaning time on the battery charge is very similar.

iRobot Roomba 690 also feature set of sensors which help the unit spot very dirty areas that are then cleaned more thoroughly. However, Roomba 690 also feature only one side brush, while Shark ION RV750 comes with two side brushes.

Also, Shark RV750 features self-cleaning brushroll, which can be of great aid to people with pets.

iRobot Roomba 690 supports the use of Virtual Wall Barriers, and Shark ION RV750 feature boundary strips for restricting the robots access - which method is the preferred method is highly individual.

Also, both units come with 12 months warranties.

For Short: Shark ION RV750 is very popular robot vacuum cleaner for many reasons, like self-cleaning brushroll, two side brushes, good suction and air filtration, easy maintenance etc. Also, it comes with acceptable price. In the end, it does clean and helps the user keep the home cleaner and more pleasant to live in.

If you are looking for a good, smartphone App controlled robot vacuum cleaner, consider Shark ION RV750.

For more reviews and recommendations, check SHARK ION RV750 Robot Vacuum Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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