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Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop - Model S5003D

Shark Genius S5003D is compact, well designed, and very popular steam mop. It features electronic steam control system, making it suitable for cleaning various sealed floors, including sealed hardwood and laminate floors, sealed tiles, ceramic floors, marble etc.

Like all similar steam mops, Shark Genius S5003D not only cleans the floors, but it sanitizes them using hot steam. So-called 'Steam Blaster' feature even allows direct steaming of tough messes and stains, while washable two-side steam mop pads and scrubber heads are based on Shark's Touch-Free Technology - user doesn't have to touch the dirty pads.

Published: March 21, 2019.

shark s5003d steam mop 1

Shark Genius S5003D Features and Specifications

Shark Genius S5003D is lightweight steam mop featuring 1200 watts water heater, requiring some 30 seconds to start to produce the steam.

Water tank capacity is 350 ml. Water tank is not removable, thus Shark Genius S5003D comes with the filling flask.

The steam mop itself weighs 6.0 pounds (~2.72 kg) with the empty water tank - there are lighter steam mops on the market, but Shark Genius S5003D comes with several features that justify its weight.

Nonetheless, it is still rather lightweight steam mop.

Physical dimensions of Shark Genius S5003D are 47.1 x 13.8 x 7 inches (~120 x 35 x 17.8 cm). Power cord is 22 feet (~6.7 m) long, providing good reach using just one wall power socket. Obviously, Shark Genius S5003D doesn't feature automatic power cord rewind system. Instead, power cord is wrapped manually around cord wrap hooks.

Most interesting features include:

- Intelligent Steam Control is electronic steam control system providing the user with three different steam settings. Low steam setting is recommended for light cleaning and dusting and for loosening and cleaning light dirt from floors such as sealed laminate, sealed hardwood and similar. Medium steam setting is recommended for everyday cleaning from the most sealed surfaces like sealed hardwood, marble, tiles, stone etc. High steam setting is recommended for deep cleaning of tough stains and messes from sealed floors like tiles, marble, stone and similar.

Note: sealed (glazed) ceramics/tiles is type of tough, heat and moisture resistant floor. Unsealed (unglazed) ceramics/tiles should not be cleaned using steam mops in general (not just Shark Genius S5003D).

shark s5003d steam blaster mode

- Steam Blaster feature enables the user to apply the steam directly onto the cleaned surfaces - very important for cleaning really stubborn stains and messes,

- Touch-Free Technology enables the user to avoid touching the dirty mop pads,

- Dual-Sided Dirt Grip Pads are mop pads which allow the user to clean double the area using just one mop pad.

When unit arrives, the box contains steam mop, rectangular Genius Head with Steam Blaster, 2 double-sided Dirt Grip washable steam mop pads and filling flask with the clip.

shark s5003d rectangular head

Note: Shark Genius S5003D steam mop is simple to use and maintain steam mop, but before the very first use, be sure to read the manual thoroughly.

Shark Genius S5003D comes by default with rectangular scrubber head allowing the user to clean large area rather quickly.

In order to protect the water heater, to extend the operating life of the steam mop and in the end, to improve cleaning, Shark recommends the use of distilled or demineralized water with Shark Genius S5003D steam mop.

In order to increase the feeling of freshness and cleanness, it is also possible to use scented demineralized water which leaves no residue on the water heater or floors, but leaves a gentle scent on the cleaned floors.

If required, there is an optional triangular scrubber head with triangular steam mop pads, which allows the user to more easily clean around the edges, corners and around certain floor objects and obstacles.

shark s5003d triangular head

If required, triangular scrubber head and its pads can be ordered later.

In order to speed up cleaning, heavily soiled floors should be vacuumed first.

shark s5003d washable padDirt Grip mop pads are gentle even to the sensitive floors, but grains of sand or similar dirt can cause issues with, for example, sensitive wood/floor finish.

Thanks to the Touch-Free Technology, user doesn't have to touch the dirt mop pad.

Mop pads are machine washable using gentle detergents and warm water - just don't use bleach, powdered detergents or fabric softeners.

Dirt Grip pads are durable, but after some time, they should be replaced - under normal usage, a Dirt Grip pad can last for about 3-4 months.

Shark Genius S5003D comes with 1-year limited warranty, which is nice warranty for steam mops.

Shark Steam Mops Comparison

Shark manufactures several similar steam mops which differ in certain, very important details.

The following table lists some of these models. Choose according to your individual needs and preferences.

Model S3101 S3501 S5003D S6002 S3973D
Photo table s3101 table s3501 table s5003d table s6002 table s3973d
Steam Control Manual Manual 3 Levels, Electronic 1 Levels, Electronic  3 Levels, Electronic 
Mop Pad Type 1 Micro-Fiber Pad 2 Micro-Fiber Pad  2 Dirt Grip Pads 2 Dirt Grip Pads  1 Dirt Grip Pads 
Dual-Sided Pads No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Steam Blaster No No Yes Yes Yes
Direct Steam Channeling System No No Yes Yes Yes
Touch-Free Technology No No Yes Yes Yes
Above Floor Cleaning No No No No Yes
Water Tank 220 ml 450 ml 350 ml 350 ml 500 ml
Power Cord 18 feet 20 feet 22 feet 22 feet 22 feet
Amazon Link Shark 3101 Steam Mop Shark S3501 Steam Mop Shark S5003D Steam Mop Shark S6002 Steam Mop Shark S3973D Steam Mop

Note: Amazon links open in the new windows, feel free to check them for the most up-to-date offers and prices.

 Shark Genius S5003D comes with the features that help the user keep the home clean and safe. Features like Intelligent Steam Control, Steam Blaster, Touch-Free Technology and others, help speed up the cleaning, saving time and effort.

If you are looking for a versatile steam mop that does its job, consider this model.

For more reviews and recommendations, check Shark Genius S5003D Steam Mop Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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Note: Amazon links open in the new windows, feel free to check them for the most up-to-date offers and prices.

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