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Oreck Elevate Control (UK30100), Command (UK30200) and Conquer (UK30300) Bagged Upright Vacuums

Oreck Elevate Control (UK30100), Command (UK30200) and Conquer (UK30300) are a group of corded, bagged upright vacuums, designed for cleaning floors only. This simplistic design approach ensures durable and reliable construction and high efficient design.

All three models share the same design philosophy, but they also differ in several very important details, including their prices.

Published: February 12, 2020.

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Oreck Elevate Bagged Upright Vacuums - Features and Specifications

Oreck Elevate are upright vacuums featuring main cleaner head with rotating brushroll, strong LED headlights, and suction motor, and upright section containing large, high-capacity vacuum bag, which is also responsible for air filtration.

All controls are on the handle, allowing the user to control the unit with one hand.

Oreck Elevate are lightweight units, with Control (UK30100) weighing around 9 pounds (~4.08 kg), and Command (UK30200) and Conquer (UK30300) weighing around 10 pounds (~4.53 kg), making them some of the lighter full-size upright vacuums on the market.

oreck elevate uk30100 lightweight

Such lightweight design ensures that Oreck Elevate vacuums can be easily carried around the home, even up and down the stairs.

Oreck Elevate vacuums are rated at 480 watts, which doesn't sound much when being compared with some high-power 1200-1500 watts units. But, Oreck Elevate design is simple and efficient, with suction motor being very close to the suction inlet and the vacuum bag being top filled, leading to very low energy loses.

Main cleaner head also features rotating brushroll, designed for thorough cleaning of carpeted and similar surfaces.

Note that only Oreck Elevate Control UK30100 features one brushroll speed and is not well suited for vacuuming bare floors. On the other hand Oreck Elevate Command UK30200 and Oreck Elevate Conquer UK30300 come with 2 brushroll speeds, helping these units thoroughly clean both carpets and bare floors.

Thanks to somewhat different design, Oreck Elevate Command UK30200 and Oreck Elevate Conquer UK30300 come with 'Self-Propelled Feel' and the best and side edge brushes of better quality than the belt and side edge brushes found on Oreck Elevate Control UK30100 model.

Oreck Elevate vacuums don't feature automatic power cord rewind systems - power cords are manually wrapped around wrap hooks. Oreck Elevate Control comes with 30 feet (~9.15 m) long power cord, while Oreck Elevate Command and Conquer come with 35 feet (~10.7 m) long power cord, ensuring long cleaning reach using just one wall power socket.

Note: despite being very simple to use and maintain vacuums, when Oreck Elevate arrives, be sure to read the manual thoroughly in order to get accustomed to your new vacuum.

Main cleaner head features low profile, helping the unit clean under most beds and some sofas.

oreck elevate uk30200 low profile

In order to easily spot dirt in low light conditions, but also other floor objects and obstacles (smaller toys, socks, pet dry food etc.), all three models come with strong LED headlights on the main cleaner head.

In order to clean more thoroughly, main cleaner head also features side edge brushes which clean the wall and similar edges.

oreck elevate uk30300 swivel

All three units are easy to maneuver around the floor objects and obstacles, but Oreck Elevate Conquer UK30300 comes with advanced SlimSwivel steering, making the unit very maneuverable, but still easy to control.

One of the interesting features are high-capacity vacuum bags. Vacuum bags feature top fill dirt/air inlet, ensuring good suction until the bags are almost full. Vacuum bags are disposable vacuum bags with SaniSeal system that automatically closes the bag, preventing the dust, allergens and other dirt from escaping.

Vacuum bags come in two versions.

oreck saniseal bags

SELECT Filtration Vacuum Bags (Green) are used by default in the Oreck Elevate Control UK30100 and Command UK30200 vacuums. SELECT Filtration Vacuum Bags feature 2 air filtration layers and are able to trap 99% of particles 5.0 microns or larger in size. Also, these bags feature antimicrobial coating in order to reduce odors.

These vacuum bags are recommended for people with low to moderate allergy concerns at their homes.

SUPERIOR Filtration Vacuum Bags (Purple) are used by default in the Oreck Elevate Conquer UL30300 vacuum. SUPERIOR Filtration Vacuum Bags feature 5 air filtration layers of HEPA Media, ensuring that these vacuum bags trap at least 99.97% of 0.3 microns or larger particles including dust, allergens, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, smoke, etc. Also, these vacuum bags include a charcoal layer for capturing odors and smells.

These vacuum bags are recommended for users with asthma and allergy problems, but also for people with pets and kids and all other people that prefer clean exhaust air.

Most important features and differences of the Oreck Elevate Control (UK30100), Oreck Elevate Command (UK30200) and Oreck Elevate Conquer (UK30300) bagged upright vacuums are listed in the following chart:

Model Oreck Elevate Control UK30100 Oreck Elevate Command UK30200 Oreck Elevate Conquer UK30300
Photo table oreck uk30100  table oreck uk30200  table oreck uk30300 
Rotating Brushroll Yes Yes Yes
Number of Speeds 1 2 2
Cleaning Path Width 13 inches (33 cm) 13 inches (33 cm) 13 inches (33 cm)
Recommended Floor Types Carpets All Floor Types All Floor Types
Rated Power 480 Watts 480 Watts 480 Watts
Steering None None SlimSwivel
Weight ~9 pounds (~4.08 kg) ~10 pounds (~4.53 kg) ~10 pounds (~4.53 kg)
Air Filtration Allergen SaniSeal Allergen SaniSeal HEPA Media SaniSeal
Headlights Yes (5) Yes (5) Yes (5)
Power Cord 30 feet (~9.2 m) 30 feet (~9.2 m) 35 feet (~10.7 m)
Side Edge Brushes Yes, Stanard Yes, Premium Yes, Premium
Belt Type Standard EnduroLIFE EnduroLIFE
Self-Propelled Feel No Yes Yes
Warranty 3 Year Limited Warranty, 3 Tune-Ups 5 Year Limited Warranty, 5 Tune-Ups 7 Year Limited Warranty, 7 Tune-Ups
Amazon Link Oreck Elevate Control UK30100 Oreck Elevate Command UK30200 Oreck Elevate Conquer UK30300

Note: Amazon links open in the new windows, feel free to check them for most up-to-date offers and prices.

As one can see, Oreck Elevate Conquer UK30300 comes with most features and the best air filtration bags by default, but it also costs the most.

Oreck Elevate Command UK30200 is intermediate model, with some features shared with Oreck Elevate Conquer UK30300 and some with Oreck Elevate Control UK30100.

Oreck Elevate Control UK30100 is the model with the least features, but it is nonetheless vacuum that comes with very good suction, efficient rotating brushroll, long power cord, lightweight and durable construction and the best of all, it is the cheapest model among these three models.

oreck elevate uk30300Long Story Short: If You are looking for the corded, bagged, upright vacuum cleaner that is easy to use and maintain, consider one of these models.

Personally, with the 7 year limited warranty with included 7 tune-ups, excellent air filtration and other features that come with it, Oreck Elevate Conquer UK30300 is perhaps the best buy model of all three Oreck Elevate models, despite being the most expensive one.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check Oreck Elevate Bagged Upright Vacuums Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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