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Kenmore Style Q HEPA Cloth Vacuum Bags

Kenmore Style Q HEPA Cloth Vacuum Bags are disposable cloth vacuum cleaner bags, design to fit selected Kenmore canister vacuum cleaners that use Style Q vacuum bags.

Kenmore Style Q vacuum bags are true HEPA vacuum bags, being able to capture 99.97% of 0.3 microns or larger particles and they are approved for certified asthma and allergy friendly Kenmore canister vacuums.

Published: March 1, 2019.

kenmore style q vacuum bags

Kenmore Style Q HEPA Cloth Vacuum Bags come in two packages:

- Kenmore 53291 Style Q HEPA Cloth Vacuum Bags - 2 vacuum bags per package,

- Kenmore 53292 Style Q HEPA Cloth Vacuum Bags - 6 vacuum bags per package.

The only difference is in part number: 53291 (2 vacuum bags) and 53292 (6 vacuum bags) - this can be important when ordering/buying new vacuum bags.

Since these vacuum bags are very important for achieving desired level of air filtration in the Kenmore vacuum cleaners, it is of utmost importance to use OEM vacuum bags.

Thanks to the bag's collar, replacement of the bag is quick and easy. Also, such collar help set the vacuum bag properly - there is almost no possibility to position the bag in the wrong way. But, when replacing the vacuum bags, if unsure, check the vacuum cleaner manual for replacement procedure.

kenmore style q vacuum bags 2

Kenmore Style Q vacuum bags are distributed in resealable nylon bags - when replacing the bags, take one new vacuum bag and reseal the nylon bag. This process protects the new vacuum bags that are left in the resealable nylon bag from unwanted contamination.

These Kenmore's Style Q cloth vacuum bags are never reused - when replacing them, be sure to remove them from the vacuum according to the Kenmore's procedure, then place them in the nylon bag and dispose in the trash can.

Note: in most situations these bags are replaced when completely full. However, if very fine material like plaster, fine dust, face powder, carpet freshener etc. is regularly vacuumed, it can clog the vacuum bag even before the vacuum bag is full. If that happen (reduced suction, vacuum cleaner signals full bag and similar), change the vacuum bag as if it is full - such bag can significantly decrease the vacuum's suction and lead to suction motor overheating and other problems.

Kenmore Style Q vacuum bags are not the cheapest vacuum bags on market, but these are multilayered cloth, disposable vacuum bags with true HEPA air filtration - recommended to all people wanting to breathe clean air after vacuuming.

And that is why Kenmore Style Q vacuum bags are often at the top of many 'best seller' and similar vacuum bag lists.

For more reviews and recommendations, and most up-to-date offers and prices, check Kenmore 53291 Style Q HEPA Cloth Vacuum Bags Amazon link (link opens in the window).

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