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Kenmore 81614 Pet PowerMate Bagged Canister Vacuum

Kenmore 81614 Pet PowerMate is relatively compact, but strong and versatile bagged canister vacuum. It comes with motorized Pet PowerMate main cleaner head (hence the name) and four different cleaning tools conveniently carried onboard the vacuum. Since cleaning attachments can be changed very quickly, this model is also referred as 'Pop-N-Go' canister vacuum.

With wide cleaning path, strong suction, long cleaning reach, Kenmore 81614 Pet PowerMate can clean large area quickly, including the elevated surfaces and edges.

Published: March 1, 2019.

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Kenmore 81614 Pet PowerMate Features and Specifications

Kenmore 81614 Pet PowerMate weighs 22.6 pounds (~10.2 kg) and it is not light unit to carry around. However, it is carried by two hands and this is its full weight with all the attachments and cables.

kenmore 81614 pet cord rewindUnit is rated at 12 Amps (1440 watts) and is powered via 28 feet (~8.55 m) long power cord. In combinations with flexible cleaning hose, telescopic metal wand and available cleaning tools, maximum attachment reach is 10.5 feet (~3.2 m), ensuring long cleaning reach using single wall power socket.

Power cord controls are in the form of simple, yet very effective foot button which activates automatic power cord rewind system.

Power controls are positioned on the handle and can be used with both right- and left-handed people easily. Power controls are simple, but effective and they include power button and suction control. Power button has three settings:

- OFF: unit is turned off.

- HARDFLOOR: turns on only the canister (suction) motor.

- CARPET: turns on both the canister (suction) motor and PowerMate motors (if such attachment is connected to the unit).

Suction control lets the user adjust the suction strength according to the current needs.

Note: one of the safety features on Kenmore 81614 canister vacuum includes main motor's thermal protection - if there is a clog or blockage of some kind in the unit and the air flow is decreased or even fully blocked, in order to prevent motor from overheating, motor is automatically shut off. If that happens, turn off the unit, unplug the power cord from the power socket and remove the clog or blockage. After waiting for 50-60 minutes, continue with vacuuming as you normally would.

Kenmore 81614 is rather simple to use and maintain vacuum cleaner, but before the very first use, be sure to read the manual thoroughly to get accustomed to your new vacuum cleaner.

kenmore 81614 pet tools

Kenmore 81614 comes with so-called Pet PowerMate main cleaner head and four additional cleaning attachments carried onboard.

Pet PowerMate main cleaner head features electric motor which powers brushroll via belt. Two individual motors (one for suction, one for brushroll) allow greater design flexibility and improves cleaning.

The brushroll is of rather conventional design, it does it job well, but it also has to periodically cleaned manually from the pet and human hair, fibers, lint and other similar debris.

Pet PowerMate main cleaner head features respectable 14 inches (~35.6 cm) cleaner width, which in combination with good suction, speed up the cleaning, saving time and effort.

Main cleaner head can be used for vacuuming various surfaces, including bare floors (brushroll turned off), low-, medium-, and high-pile carpets, area rugs and similar.

To improve cleaning on different surfaces, Pet PowerMate main cleaner head comes with manual height adjustment system, with four different height settings:

- HI: this setting is recommended for shag, high-pile, very soft and ultra-plush carpets and scatter rugs,

- MED: this settings is recommended for medium to high-pile carpets,

- LO: recommended for low to medium-pile carpets,

- XLO: this is preferred setting for most carpets and for bare floors.

Pet PowerMate main cleaner head also comes with the safety feature - if the brushroll speed is decreased or if it is fully stopped, brushroll motor is automatically stopped to prevent the damage to the brushroll, belt or even motor. If that happen, turn off the the unit, unplug it from the wall, and after removing the blockage, continue with the work as you normally would.

kenmore 81614 pet tools storage

Other cleaning attachments are carried onboard and these include:

- Crevice Tool is long and narrow cleaning tool designed for cleaning tight and hard to reach areas like corners, edges, gaps and similar.

- Pet PowerMate cleaning attachment is smaller version of Pet PowerMate main cleaner head. It features separate motor that drives small brushroll, which in combination with strong suction help remove deeply embedded pet hair, dust and other dirt from carpeted and upholstered surfaces.

- Dusting Brush is used for dusting elevated surfaces. As the bristles glide over the surface, they agitate the small particles which are then sucked into the vacuum via strong suction.

- Bare Floor Tool is rather gentle, non-motorized cleaning tool, optimized for vacuuming sensitive bare floors. Since it doesn't feature rotating brush like Pet PowerMate cleaning tools, there is no danger that the brushroll bristles will leave marks on the sensitive floors (although such danger is rather low).

Note: cleaning tools can be attached directly to the handle or to the adjustable wand, greatly increasing the cleaning reach.

Kenmore 81614 Vacuum Cleaner Air Filtration

Kenmore 81614 features three layers of air filtration, including vacuum bag, motor safety filter, and exhaust filter.

When the dirt is vacuumed, it is stored in the disposable multilayered cloth vacuum bag.

kenmore 81614 pet vc bags

Kenmore 81614 uses Style Q HEPA vacuum bags, which are capable of capturing 99.97% of 0.3 microns and larger particles including pollen, pet dander, dust and other dirt and potential allergens.

Style Q HEPA vacuum bags are disposable, multilayered cloth vacuum bags and only OEM vacuum bags should be used. Non-OEM vacuum bags are perhaps cheaper, but using them level of air filtration can be jeopardized, not to mention that more dirt will pass through the motor, leading to its shorter operating life.

Motor Safety Filter is mechanical, washable air filter. It protects the motor from any debris that might pass the vacuum bag and threaten the motor.

Motor Safety Filter is washable using warm soapy water. After rinsing it should be dried completely before putting back into the unit.

Note: never operate this unit with wet motor safety filter or without this filter.

kenmore 81614 pet ef 11 filter

Exhaust filter is HEPA media (pleated) air filter - Kenmore EF-11 52730 HEPA Media Vacuum Exhaust Filter.

Kenmore EF-11 also features true HEPA air filtration, being able to capture at least 99.97% of 0.3 microns or larger particles, leading to really high level of air filtration, which should very important to all people, not just people having issues with asthma and allergies.

Kenmore EF-11 is NOT a washable air filter.

Kenmore 81614 vacuum cleaner comes with 12 months non-commercial use or 3 months commercial use warranty.

For Short: If you are looking for well balanced, bagged canister vacuum cleaner, consider Kenmore 81614 vacuum cleaner. Thanks to its motorized cleaning tools, it can clean pet and human hair easily even from high-pile carpets and thick rugs.

Also, flexible cleaning hose and adjustable metal wand enable the user to vacuum up to 10.5 feet above the floors.

And HEPA vacuum bags and HEPA exhaust filters enures excellent air filtration.

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