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ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner

ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner is 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner and damp mop cleaner. ILIFE V5s Pro is designed for vacuuming and mopping of bare floors and as carpet sweeper.

Unit comes with simple navigation system, several cleaning modes, suction strong enough for thorough vacuuming of bare floors, so-called i-Dropping Technology, IR remote, acceptable price and other features.

Published: May 13, 2019.

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 ILIFE V5s Pro Features and Specifications

ILIFE V5s Pro is compact unit with 11.8 inches (~30 cm) diameter and 3 inches (~7.6 cm) height. Also, it is very lightweight robot vacuum/mop, weighing only 4.5 pounds (~2.05 kg).

ILIFE V5s Pro may be used either as robot vacuum or as robot hard floor mop, but not as the both vacuum and mop at the same time.

As hard floor mop, ILIFE V5s Pro comes with great improvement and that is so-called 'i-Dropping Technology', which basically means that the water is being dispensed only while the robot is mopping, preventing the water buildup, spills and in the end robot and floor damage.

Note: never let ILIFE V5s Pro to self-recharge after mopping. Moisture and electric current don't go well together... ILIFE V5s Pro is simple to use and maintain robot vacuum/hard floor mop, but nonetheless, when it arrives, be sure to read the manual thoroughly!

ilife v5s bottom

Water tank and dirt cup are interchangeable and both feature 0.3 liters capacity. 0.3 liters water capacity is easily enough for mopping of 150-180 m2 of bare floors, while 0.3 liters dirt cup is barely enough for heavily soiled floors even when they are regularly cleaned.

Single battery charge lasts for 120-140 minutes on the bare floors, after which unit stops with the cleaning, locate charging station and docks for charging. After the battery is recharged, unit doesn't resume with the cleaning job - it waits for the next scheduled cleaning interval or it can be set to clean using onboard controls or IR remote control.

ILIFE V5s Pro is intended for homes and apartments up to 150-180 m2 in size, with mostly bare floors.

Using its onboard sensors, ILIFE V5s Pro navigates the cleaned area, avoid obstacles, objects, pets and people and when the battery is discharged, it locates the charging station, docks and recharges.

When positioning the charging station, it is important to leave some empty space without obstacles around the charging station to help the unit locate it. It is recommended to leave 3-4 feet on the sides and 6-7 feet in front of the charging station of free space.

ilife v5s charging station

When the battery is discharged, it takes some 280 minutes to recharge it fully.

During operation, ILIFE V5s Pro is very quiet - barely 50 dB, which is quieter than most similar units.

Reason for such noise level is that ILIFE V5s Pro features two side brushes and 850 Pa suction, but it doesn't feature central motorized brushroll. Such main brushroll is very important for vacuuming carpeted areas, since it agitate the dirt within the carpet and pulls deeply embedded dirt and hair.

Since ILIFE V5s Pro is intended for bare floors, it is designed as such: vacuuming and mopping of bare floors and as carpet sweeper (not carpet vacuum!).

To help with the cleaning, navigation and crossing of the different floors, ILIFE V5s Pro comes with the increased wheel size - 65 mm - allowing the unit to climb obstacles up to 10 mm in height and 15° incline.

Note: to help the unit with crossing different floor types during vacuuming, it is recommended to detach the mop holder.

ilife v5s slim design

For efficient cleaning in different situations, ILIFE V5s Pro comes with several cleaning modes:

- Spot cleaning mode: unit cleans specific, designated area. By pressing 'Spot' button on the remote during cleaning, ILIFE V5s Pro will clean area in the spiral pattern and return to the previous mode after Spot mode is finished.

- Edge cleaning mode: By pressing 'Edge' while the unit is near the wall, unit will follow the wall and clean the edge.

- Auto cleaning mode: unit navigates around the home in the random fashion, cleaning entire accessible floor.

- Scheduled cleaning mode: unit cleans home at the scheduled intervals. When the battery is discharged, unit returns to the docking station and doesn't resume cleaning job when the battery is fully charged.

Note: only robot vacuums with advanced navigation systems and mapping feature support 'recharge and resume' feature. Also, such vacuums cost more, sometimes much more than ILIFE V5s Pro.

ILIFE V5s Pro is not WiFi enabled unit and it doesn't support Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. While some users consider this as a problem, many more users like ILIFE V5s Pro for its simplicity, even though it is both robot vacuum and hard floor mop (2-in-1) unit.

Also, ILIFE V5s Pro doesn't support the use of magnetic strips nor virtual walls. In order to limit its range of motion, one has to close the - door!

ILIFE V5s Pro Maintenance

Like all other robot vacuums, ILIFE V5s Pro is not maintenance free robot.

Regular maintenance tasks include emptying the dirt cup, adding water to the water tank, replacing mop pad with the clean one, cleaning side brushes, cleaning air filter, cleaning sensors and charging pins etc.

Note: For exact procedures, check the manual.

ilife v5s replacement kit

Over time brushes, filters and mop pads have to be replaced and probably the best option is to get a genuine ILIFE replacement kit for the ILIFE V5s Pro which contains:

- two pairs of side brushes,

- two mop pads,

- two high-efficiency HEPA filters, being able to filter out and capture 99% of 0.3 microns or larger particles.

ILIFE replacement kit for the ILIFE V5s Pro can be ordered from Amazon.

 ILIFE V5s Pro Error Codes

When ILIFE V5s Pro encounters some issues during operation, it notifies the user with short beeping sound:

- 1 beep: Wheels or side brushes don't work - check if the wheels or side brushes are stuck by some debris like hair, lint or similar.

- 2 beeps: there is some issue with the cliff or bumper sensors - clean the sensors and remove any debris that blocks the sensors.

- 3 beeps: unit is stuck - reposition the robot and start the cleaning again.

Also, it is up to the user to visually observe the behavior of the unit and to act accordingly. For example, if the vacuum moves back a lot, there is probably some sort of problem with cliff sensor, but the unit can't detect that it is having a problem with it - it is up to the user to act according the situation.

List of some common errors is given in the manual.

ILIFE V5s Pro vs. ILIFE V5s Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

ilife v5s 2ILIFE V5s Pro and ILIFE V5s are two very similar units that differ in few important details:

- ILIFE V5s Pro comes with larger road wheels (65 vs 58 minutes) allowing the unit to climb obstacles more easily,

- ILIFE V5s Pro feature 15-20 minutes longer operating time due to the more efficient motors,

- i-Dropping Technology found at ILIFE V5s Pro enables the unit to dispense the water for mopping only while mopping the floors - thanks to the two valves. Nonetheless, don't let the unit charge with the water tank and wet mop pad.

- ILIFE V5s Pro comes with so called 'Max suction mode' - when required, suction is increased to clean the areas of larger amount of dirt.

Since ILIFE V5s Pro design is based on ILIFE V5s Design, all good features from ILIFE V5s can be found on ILIFE V5s Pro as well.

Long Story Short: ILIFE V5s Pro is popular and affordable 2-in-1 robot vacuum and hard floor mop. It doesn't come with features found on often much more expensive units, but most of its users prefer simpler units to use and maintain.

For more reviews and recommendations, check ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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