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ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum Review and Recommendation

ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum cleaner is compact and affordable robotic vacuum cleaner optimized for cleaning bare floors and low pile carpets.

ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum is simple to use and low maintenance unit, suitable for cleaning various types of dirt and debris, including human and pet hair, lint, fibers, dust and similar.

Thanks to the HEPA air filtration system, it is also recommended to people having issues with asthma and allergies for regular cleaning of their homes.

Published: March 1, 2019.

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 ILIFE V3s Pro Features and Specifications

ILIFE V3s Pro is very lightweight unit, designed for cleaning tiles, laminate, hardwood, linoleum, low-pile carpets and similar surfaces.

Its physical dimensions are 11.8 inches in diameter (30 cm) and 3 inches (7.6 cm) in height. Such compact dimensions allow the unit to easily navigate floors with obstacles in the form of furniture, walls, stairs, and similar.

Also, ILIFE V3s Pro is very lightweight unit, weighing around 4.41 pounds (~2.05 kg). Such weight in combination with large wheels enables the unit to move freely across various floors without the danger of making marks or streaks.

When the unit arrives, it comes with charging dock, adapter, extra HEPA filter, 2 side brushes, cleaning tool, remote controll (2 batteries included), and of course, the user manual.

Note: although ILIFE V3s Pro is simple to use robotic vacuum cleaner, it is highly recommended to read the manual first.

ILIFE V3s Pro vacuum is controlled using simple push button or via IR remote control.

It features scheduling of the cleaning tasks, and thanks to its dimensions and broad range of sensors (including cliff/drop, bumper and other sensors), it can safely navigate across flat floors with ease.

Although unit can avoid falling off the stairs and similar situations, it is recommended to remove high-pile carpets, area rugs, loose cables and similar objects that can interfere with vacuum's operation from the areas where the vacuum cleans.

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When positioning docking station, be sure to leave some 3 feet (~1 m) free area on both sides and 6-7 feet (~2 m) obstacle-free area ahead of the docking station - ILIFE V3s Pro is capable to locate and automatically docks for recharging with its docking station.

Note: When robot detects low battery condition, it stops with the cleaning, locate the docking station and recharges itself. However, after being fully recharged, unit doesn't resume with the cleaning task.

Onboard lithium rechargeable battery feature 2600 mAh capacity and is enough to power unit for 120-140 minutes, depending on the terrain. Also, it requires almost 5 hours (~280 minutes) to fully charge the fully discharged battery.

When the battery is fully charged, intelligent battery charger continues to monitor the battery condition and charge it using so-called trickle charge.

Single battery charge enables the unit to clean 1292 square feet (120 square meters), which is nice result for such smallish unit.

When traversing the various floor types, unit is able to climb itself onto the carpets up to 0.59 inches (15 mm) in height. If the carpets or area rugs are thicker, unit can get stuck.

For cleaning in various situations, ILIFE V3s Pro feature three cleaning modes:

- spot: unit navigate terrain in a spiral pattern, cleaning required spot more thoroughly,

- edge: unit navigate along the wall edge and cleans along its path,

- auto: unit navigate autonomously cleaning required area. Since the unit lacks path planning and other similar advanced navigation features, unit will clean the same area more than once.

During operation, two side brushes pick up the dirt and push it toward the suction port. ILIFE V3s Pro creates ~850 Pa of suction, which could be perhaps better, but it is more than enough for vacuuming the dirt off the bare floors and low pile carpets, in the combination with the side brushes.

Dirt bin capacity is 300 ml (~10.5 oz) and could be larger. But, considering the unit's size, dirt bin size is acceptable. Since unit doesn't feature dirt bin full sensors, it is highly recommended to empty the dirt bin after each use.

Air filtration is excellent thanks to the combination of mechanical air pre-filter and HEPA air post-filter. Such air filtration is very important for all people, not just for people having issues with asthma and allergies.

Filters are washable, but should be replaced after some time, depending on the vacuum's use and amount and type of dirt.

Since ILIFE V3s Pro is not intended for cleaning wet/moist dirt, air filters should be thoroughly dried before returning back into the unit.

ILIFE V3s Pro is designed to be very quiet during operation - its noise levels are around 55 dB, which is very quiet, making it suitable for people with pets and kids.

ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum cleaner comes with 12 months warranty.

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ILIFE V3s Pro Cons

ILIFE V3s Pro is simple to use unit and the features that it lacks are often the actual reasons why its users like it.

ILIFE V3s Pro doesn't feature:

- advanced navigation and path planing - unit cleans the area using three modes and when the battery runs low, unit returns to the docking station. Also, using remote control, user can stop the cleaning or order the unit to do what it is required to do.

- Wi-Fi connectivity - ILIFE V3s Pro is not compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and there is no smartphone app for controlling the robotic vacuum.

- virtual walls - in order to limit the area that vacuums cleans, simply, close the door. Virtual walls would be nice, but they are supported by other ILIFE models.

- carpet boost - while some models feature so-called 'carpet boost' mode for better vacuuming/cleaning of the carpets, ILIFE V3s Pro cleans all floors with the equal suction.

- dirt bin full and dirt detect - although unit feature wide range of various sensors, it lacks dirt bin full sensor and sensors for dirt detection. Thus, all surfaces are cleaned equally.

Again, most users appreciate the simplicity of the ILIFE V3s Pro vacuum and the fact that these features are missing, for most of the users are 'Pros', not 'Cons' :)

ILIFE V3s Pro Maintenance

ILIFE V3s Pro is low maintenance unit and most maintenance tasks include:

- emptying the dirt bin,

- cleaning the air filters, side brushes and wheels,

- keeping the sensors clean, since dirty sensors can cause the unit to fall off the stairs or to behave erratically,

- monitoring the unit visually while it operates (not always, but from time to time).

Although ILIFE V3s Pro lacks LCD monitor or smartphone app for alerting the user that something is wrong, unit warn the user with one, two or three beeps, when it gets in trouble.

Also, odd behavior of the unit means that something is wrong - for actual error appearances, likely causes and solutions, please check the manual.

 ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum vs ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum

ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum is newer version of the ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum with few improvements.

Their similarities and differences are listed in the following table:

Model ILIFE V3s ILIFE V3s Pro
Cleaning Scheduler Yes Yes
Self-Charging Yes Yes
Cliff/Collision Sensors Yes Yes
Dry Mop Function Yes No
Infrared Sensor No Yes
Main Wheels Diameter 58 mm 65 mm
Operating Time 90-110 minutes 120-140 minutes
Floor Types Bare floors and low-pile carpets Bare floors and low-pile carpets

ilife v3s pro robotic vacuum mAs one can see, ILIFE V3s Pro doesn't feature any more dry mop - dry mop wasn't a 'must have' feature, so it was omitted, since side brushes in combination with 850 Pa of suction clean the floors relatively good.

Operating time is slightly longer (1.5h vs 2h), allowing the ILIFE V2s Pro to clean larger area on a single battery charge.

For short: If you need a good, simple and affordable robotic vacuum cleaner that does its job relatively well, consider ILIFE V3s Pro.

All advanced features that it lacks many users consider as 'Pros' and not as 'Cons'.

For more reviews and recommendations, and for most up-to-date offers and recommendations, check ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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