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Hoover UH74210PC PowerDrive Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover UH74210PC PowerDrive Pet is corded, bagless upright vacuum cleaner designed to be used as the main vacuum cleaner in homes and apartments. It features good suction, multi-floor main cleaner head, flexible cleaning hose and wand with additional multi-purpose cleaning tools, excellent air filtration etc.

Hoover UH74210PC PowerDrive Pet is easy to use and low-maintenance unit, featuring 5-year limited warranty.

Published: March 7, 2019.

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Hoover UH74210PC PowerDrive Pet Features and Specifications

Hoover UH74210PC PowerDrive Pet is large and sturdy unit, weighing ~16 pounds (~7.2 kg). But, the unit comes with well designed full swivel mechanism and in combination with transport wheels, it is rather easy to move the unit around and clean, even around the floor objects like sofas, beds, furniture, walls and similar.

However, elderly people may have issues with carrying it up and down the stairs.

Hoover UH74210PC PowerDrive Pet is rated at 11 Amps (1320 watts) and features very good suction across its 12.5 inches (~32 cm) wide cleaning path.

Such path allows the user to clean large area quickly, saving time and effort.

Hoover UH74210PC PowerDrive Pet features 25 feet (~7.6 m) long power cord and some people, at least at first, consider it short for larger homes.

However, unit doesn't feature automatic power cord rewind system - the power cord is manually wrapped around cord wrap hooks and longer power cord would cause issue with its storage.

Also, Hoover UH74210PC PowerDrive Pet comes with flexible cleaning hose, cleaning wand and the set of cleaning tools, extending the cleaning reach by additional 13 feet (~4m), providing the user with means to clean elevated surfaces as well.

hoover uh74210 powerdrive pet features

 Controls of the unit are simple and easily accessible:

- Power ON/OFF Switch turns the unit on and off.

- Brushroll ON/OFF Switch turns the main cleaner head brushroll on and off. Note that the brushroll doesn't spin until the unit is reclined backward.

- Suction Control Vent allows the user to set the suction strength to desired level. This is not the energy most efficient suction control, but it keeps the air flow through the unit at the more or less constant level, which is very important for cyclonic air filtration system.

Brushroll features bristles designed to clean deeply embedded dirt, pet and human hair, fibers, lint and other tough to clean dirt and messes.

However, main cleaner head brushroll is not of tangle free design and it is up to the user to manually remove tangled hair and fibers.

Note: main cleaner head brushroll cover is transparent, allowing the user to see condition and operation of the brushroll. Hoover UH74210PC PowerDrive Pet is simple to assemble, use and maintain vacuum cleaner, but when it arrives, before the very first use, be sure to thoroughly read the manual. Better safe than sorry :)

Main cleaner head doesn't come with the height adjusting system, and it is up to the user to adjust the suction height and turn the brushroll on/off according to the vacuumed surfaces - Hoover UH74210PC PowerDrive Pet is thus suitable for vacuuming both carpeted and bare floors.

Main cleaner head also features LED headlights, helping the user to clean in low light conditions and to generally spot the dirt.

Transparent dirt cup is large, featuring capacity of 1.5 liters - such capacity allows the user to vacuum large areas of heavily soiled floors without interruptions.

Dirt cup should be emptied after each cleaning or when the dirt reached Max fill line. Dirt cup is detachable from the unit and can be emptied directly into the trash can using its bottom emptying system.

 Hoover UH74210PC PowerDrive Pet Air Filtration

Hoover UH74210PC PowerDrive Pet is true HEPA vacuum cleaner.

Air filtration starts with multi-cyclonic dirt-air separation, followed with washable mechanical air filter and non-washable carbon HEPA air filter.

Such air filtration system captures 99.97% of 0.3 microns or larger particles, which is very important not only for pet owners, allergen sufferers, but to all people wanting pleasant and safe home to live.

Mechanical air filter is washable using cold water, whereupon it has to be air dried for 24 hours. Never assemble the unit with wet/moist air filter since using unit with such filter can cause the internal damage to the unit.

Carbon HEPA air filter is exhaust air filter and it is not washable. It should be periodically tapped onto the hard surface of the trash can to remove lose dirt. After some time, it should be replaced with the new one.

Thanks to the carbon layer, exhaust filter even captures pet odors and common household gasses and smells.

Thus, when looking for a replacement parts, especially air filters, always go for OEM parts.

Hoover UH74210PC PowerDrive Pet Cleaning Tools and Accessories

Hoover UH74210PC PowerDrive Pet comes with multi-floor main cleaner head for vacuuming floors commonly found at homes and apartments.

Thanks to the cleaning hose and wand, it can clean elevated surfaces with maximum reach of 13 feet (~4m).

hoover uh74210 powerdrive pet tools

 Hoover UH74210PC PowerDrive Pet comes with three additional cleaning tools:

- Crevice Tool is designed for vacuuming hard and awkward to reach and clean areas like corners, edges, between mattresses, under car seats and similar. Since it has very narrow nozzle, consider decreasing the suction or the tool will lift nearby objects like carpets, car mats and similar.

- Dusting Brush features gentle bristles which agitate the dust and other fine dirt as the tool glides over cleaned area, with the suction doing the rest of the cleaning work. Dusting brush can be used for cleaning even sensitive surfaces, just don't press it too much onto the cleaned surfaces.

- Pet Turbo Tool features motorized small brushroll, powered via air turbine - hence the the 'Turbo' label.

Pet Turbo Tool is excellent tool for cleaning human and pet hair, deeply embedded and stubborn dirt, dust and other debris, various dry messes etc.

Just note that Pet Turbo Tool is not maintenance free tool and it is up to the user to regularly clean the brushroll from entangled hair and to clean blockages of any kind.

Note: Hoover UH74210PC PowerDrive Pet and Hoover UH74210 PowerDrive Pet (no 'PC' after UH74210) are two identical vacuums, differing only in the package type.

hoover uh74210 powerdrive pet mLong Story Short: Hoover UH74210PC PowerDrive Pet is well designed and balanced, versatile vacuum cleaner that comes with 5-year limited warranty and affordable price.

If you are looking for the simple to use and maintain upright vacuum cleaner that will serve you as the main vacuum cleaner at your home, consider this model.

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