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Hoover UH72625 WindTunnel 3 Max Performance Pet Upright Vacuum

Hoover UH72625 WindTunnel 3 Max Performance Pet Upright Vacuum is a full size corded, bagless upright vacuum cleaner with additional flexible cleaning hose and the set of tools, allowing the user to vacuum both various floor types and elevated surfaces.

Hoover UH72625 is designed for medium to large homes and apartments that needs strong and sturdy vacuum, being able to cover and clean large area rather quickly.

Published: December 2, 2019.

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Hoover UH72625 Features and Specifications

Hoover UH72625 cleaner head features rotating brushroll, which in combination with strong suction cleans various types of floors, including carpets, area rugs, laminate, tiles, stairs, hardwood, etc.

When vacuuming delicate carpets and sensitive bare floors, brushroll can be turned off via foot operated controls. Note that the brushroll doesn't spin even when its controls are 'On' until the unit is tilted back - this allows the unit to stand up vertically with the brushroll turned off when cleaning surfaces using flexible hose and one of available cleaning tools.

Hoover UH72625 is large and sturdy unit with physical dimensions (W x D x H) of 15 x 14 x 44 inches (~38 x 35.5 x 112 cm) and weight of 18.1 pounds (~8.2 kg). Although unit doesn't feature swivel mechanism and although it is far from being lightest in the class, Hoover UH72625 is easy to use and maneuver around floor objects and obstacles.

Hoover UH72625 is based on the Hoover's WindTunnel technology, featuring 3 suction channels for maximum suction along the cleaner head width.

Hoover UH72625 is rated at 12 Amps (1440 watts) and in combination with the cleaner head width (15 inches, 38 cm), 30 feet (~9.2 m) long power cord and 1.42 liters large dirt bin, it can clean large area quickly without stopping to change the wall power socket or to empty the dirt bin.

Hoover UH72625 doesn't feature power cord rewind system and it is up to the user to wrap it around cord wrap hooks.

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Brushroll cover is transparent, allowing the user to see its condition - from time to time it is up to the user to clean the brushroll from entangled pet hair, lint, fibers and other similar dirt.

Also, main cleaner head features a headlight, which is very useful when vacuuming in low light conditions.

Due to the strong suction, it is important to set the main cleaner head properly, otherwise the unit tends to be hard to push/pull around. Height selector is placed low on the cleaner head and is operated by hand - this can be of an issue to the people having lower back problems.

Note: Hoover UH72625 is large unit with many features and it is highly recommended to read the manual first when unit arrives - after getting accustomed to its features, Hoover UH72625 is simple to use and maintain versatile vacuum.

Large, transparent dirt bin features bottom emptying system, allowing the user to easily empty it directly into the trash can.

Although dirt bin is large, in order to avoid buildup of dirt and potentially various smells, it is recommended to empty the dirt bin after each cleaning task.

Hoover UH72625 Air Filtration System

Hoover UH72625 air filtration system does its job rather good. It is the combination of the Multi-Cyclonic System (based on the 13 powerful cyclones that ensures no loss of suction until the dirt bin is filled up to the Max Fill Line) and two air filters.

primary air filter

Primary air filter is washable using plain, cold water. It should never been assembled back into the unit until it is fully dry. For that and other reasons, some users have 1-2 spare primary air filters.

Note: it is recommended to wash primary air filter every 2 months, although this depends on the use and type of commonly vacuumed dirt.

Primary air filter is designed to last the operating life of the vacuum, but if the user notices the loss of suction even with cleaned air filters, replace them.

exhaust air filter

Exhaust air filter is combination of mechanical air filter made of HEPA media and activated carbon air filter.

Exhaust air filter is NOT washable, but it should periodically be cleaned by tapping it onto the hard surface in order to remove small dust particles from HEPA media.

Activated carbon layer is designed to remove common household smells and pet odors.

Exhaust filter is also designed to last the operating life of the unit, but it is good practice to replace it periodically, especially when the suction and odor removing are both decreased.

 Hoover UH72625 Cleaning Tools and Attachments

Large floor areas are vacuumed using main cleaner head. However, in order to clean elevated surfaces, Hoover UH72625 comes with flexible cleaning hose and several cleaning tools, with maximum additional reach of 15 feet (~4.5 m).

Pet Turbo Tool

pet turbo toolPet Turbo Tool features motorized mini brushroll. As the mini brushroll spins, it deeply cleans carpeted and upholstered surfaces, by pulling out pet hair, pet dander, dust and other debris and potential allergens.

Mini brushroll is powered via small air turbine (hence the 'Turbo' part of the label), requiring no electrical connection between the tool and the main vacuum cleaner.

Pet Turbo Tool is not maintenance free tool - occasionally the user has to remove entangled dirt from the brushroll and to remove any debris that would prevent the air turbine from powering the brushroll.

The tool is mostly transparent, letting the user to see condition of the tool and potential issues.

Pivoting Dusting Tool

pivoting dusting toolPivoting Dusting Tool is basically a dusting brush with special neck design that allows the user to set proper brush angle to achieve the best cleaning effect possible.

As the bristles glides over the surface, they agitate the dirt which is than sucked into the unit via strong suction.

Pivoting dusting brush, especially in combination with the Extension Wand enables the user to clean hard to reach, elevated surfaces.

Crevice Tool

crevice toolCrevice Tool is designed for cleaning tight and narrow gaps and crevices (hence the name), edges, corners and similar areas.

When connected to the Extension Wand, Crevice Tool extends the users' reach to the maximum.

Extension Wand

extension wand Extension Wand is used for extending the reach of the user during the cleaning.

Although cleaning tools can be used without Extension Wand, maximum reach is achieved using this wand - Crevice Tool can easily reach ceilings, Pivoting Dusting Brush can easily reach upper surfaces of the ceiling fans, and Pet Turbo Tool can easily clean even smaller carpets and area rugs.

Hoover UH72625 Safety Features

Hoover UH72625 includes several safety features, including:

- System Check indicator that warns the user that filters are perhaps dirty, dirt bin is full, brushroll or hose are blocked and/or valve dial is not properly set.

- Motor Thermal Protection System shuts off the motor when its temperature start to rise, preventing the damage.

Since the motor is cooled via vacuumed air, if the decrease of suction is noticed, it is up to the user to stop with the cleaning and check for potential issues, prior System Check indicator or Motor Thermal Protection System are activated.

For Short: If you are looking for affordable, but strong and durable unit that is able to clean surfaces from the floor to the ceiling, consider Hoover UH72625. It comes with 3-year limited warranty and can really help the user keep the home cleaner and safer.

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