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Hoover BH50020 Linx Signature Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover BH50020 Linx Signature Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is the newer model of very popular Hoover BH50020 Linx cordless, bagless, stick vacuum cleaner. Hoover BH50020 Linx  is optimized for vacuuming floor only and as such is designed for cleaning both bare and carpeted floors.

Hoover BH50020 Linx features motorized brushroll, good suction, easy controls, low maintenance costs, removable 18V lithium ion battery etc.

Published: April 1, 2019.

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Hoover BH50020 Linx Features and Specifications

Hoover BH50020 Linx is powered via power fade-free 18V lithium ion battery.

Battery is removable from the unit and charged in the charger that comes with the unit. It takes approximately 3 hours to charge fully discharged battery after which it is recommended to remove the battery from the charger.

Fully charged battery provides enough energy for up to 20 minutes of operation using motorized brushroll (carpets and rugs), or up to 40 minutes without the motorized brushroll (bare floors). Hoover BH50020 Linx is rated at 110 watts.

If longer operating time is required, one can order another battery and swap them when required.

Fingertips controls and battery signal LEDs allow the user to control and monitor unit during operation. Fingertip controls have three settings:

- Unit is OFF: turns OFF the vacuum cleaner.

- Brushroll OFF: turns ON the vacuum cleaner, but the brushroll doesn't spin. This setting is recommended setting for bare floors and sensitive carpets.

- Brushroll ON: turns ON the vacuum cleaner and the brushroll starts to spin. This setting is recommended setting for carpeted areas.

Battery signal LEDs:

- 3 LEDs lit: battery charge is over 75%,

- 2 LEDs lit: battery charge is between 50 and 75%,

- 1 LED lit: battery charge is between 25 and 50%,

- 1 LED blinking: battery charge is below 25% and it should be recharged.

Note: Hoover BH50020 Linx features lithium ion battery that doesn't feature so-called 'memory effect', so it can and should be charged even if it is not fully depleted.

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Physical dimensions are ~9 x 11 x 43.5 inches (~23 x 28 x 110.5 cm) and weight with the battery 7.3 pounds (~3.3 kg).

Unit is both light and compact to be easily used even on the floors with many obstacles, yet it has main cleaner head wide enough to cover and clean large areas quickly.

Also, main cleaner head also features side/edge bristles, allowing the user to easily clean along the baseboards and similar surfaces.

Brushroll is designed to clean carpeted areas thoroughly by agitating and pulling out stubborn dirt, pet and human hair and lint and other similar dirt from carpets and area rugs.

However, brushroll is not maintenance free and it is up to the user to manually clean the brushroll when required.

Main cleaner head features Hoover's WindTunnel Technology which basically creates multiple channels of suction in order to lift and remove both surface and deeply embedded dirt.

Hoover BH50020 Linx is self-standing vacuum, featuring reclining handle, allowing the user to clean under sofas and beds. Main cleaner head doesn't feature LED headlights, which would be very helpful when cleaning in low light conditions.

Note: although it is self-standing unit, Hoover BH50020 Linx can be tipped over, so keep the kids and pets away from the stored unit. Also, it is very easily to use and maintain unit, but before the very first use, be sure to read the manual thoroughly.

Hoover BH50020 Linx features dimmed, but transparent dirt bin, allowing the user to see amount and type of vacuumed dirt.

Dirt bin capacity is 0.23 gallons (~0.87 liters) which is enough for regular cleanups of not too soiled floors and for vacuuming in emergencies.

Dirt bin features bottom emptying system, helping the user to get rid of the vacuumed dirt quickly and easily, without ever touching it.

Hoover BH50020 Linx uses one foam air filter. Air filter is washable using running cold water, leading to very low maintenance costs.

Note: Hoover BH50020 Linx is designed for dry dirt only and when washing the filter, it is very important to dry it thoroughly prior assembling it back into the unit. Never operate unit without the filter, or with moist filter - such use can damage the unit and void the 2-year limited warranty.

Some users buy spare air filter and while one filter is being dried, another filter is in the unit.

Although washable, from time to time it is required to change the filter, but its price is rather acceptable.

Hoover BH50020 Linx vs Hoover BH50010 Linx

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Hoover BH50020 Linx is closely based on the very similar Hoover BH50010 Linx model.

Main differences are in colors (body, baffle tube and few more details), dimmed dirt bin (BH50010 comes with fully transparent dirt bin) and perhaps most importantly - the wheels.

Hoover BH50020 Linx features smoother wheels that rolls more easily and even quietly, especially over bare floors.

Hoover BH5010 Linx is quiet unit, but its wheels from time to time tend to 'squeak' - not loud, but ...

Other than that, these two units are the same - Hoover BH50010 is one of the most popular cordless stick vacuums on the market, so why change something that is good.

For Short: with minor changes when compared with Hoover BH50010 Linx, Hoover BH50020 Linx continues to be reliable and durable, floor-only vacuum cleaner. But, it easily adapts to different floor types (tiles, hardwood, carpets, rugs etc.) and clean them efficiently.

Hoover BH50010/BH50020 Linx are NOT suitable for vacuuming elevated surfaces, but they are not after all designed for such cleaning tasks.

If you need a good cordless, bagless, stick vacuum cleaner that will not bust your budget, consider this unit.

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