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Hikeren H-603 Cordless Lightweight Convertible Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Hikeren H-603 is bagless, cordless, 2-in-1, stick vacuum cleaner, suitable for smaller homes and apartments and as second vacuum cleaner in larger homes.

Hikeren H-603 can be used as lightweight cordless stick vacuum, or as rather strong handheld vacuum, suitable for quick cleanups at home, car, boat, and similar.

This is one of the most popular Hikeren vacuums, and it features rather good reviews by the users. However, there are many details that are not well specified by the manufacturer.

Published: September 5, 2019.

hikeren h 603 1

Hikeren H-603 Features and Specifications

Hikeren H-603 is lightweight unit and it weighs 5.1 pounds (~2.3 kg) in stick vacuum configuration and 2.2 pounds (~1 kg) as handheld vacuum cleaner.

Unit is powered with 2500 mAh 12.8V lithium ion battery and when it arrives, the battery in not fully charged for safety reason (standard practice for all lithium ion battery powered devices).

When the battery is fully discharged, it takes some 3-4 hours to fully charge it - it is recommended by the manufacturer NOT to leave the charger connected with the unit indefinitely, although many users do that, without adverse effects on the battery.

Note: for safety reasons and to prolong the battery operating life, when the battery is fully charged, detach the charger from the unit. Also, use only charger that came with the unit.

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Hikeren H-603 can be stored vertically thanks to the wall mount that comes with the unit. Also, it features collapsible handle which allows the unit to be stored in very little space and it enables the user to clean certain areas without much bending - excellent detail, not only for people having lower back issues.

As usual, we highly recommend reading the manual thoroughly when the unit arrives - the same recommendations goes for Hikeren H-603, just be prepared for 'broken' English. We hope that the Hikeren will make better translation in the future (Google Translate is fine for quick checks, but not for commercial units!).

Physical dimensions of the unit in stick configuration are ~8.1 x 9.84 x 43.5 inches (20.6 x 25 x 110.5 cm).

Hikeren H-603 is designed for cleaning various floor types, including tiles, carpets, area rugs and similar. Its main floor cleaner head features very low profile and is able to reach and clean areas under beds, sofas and similar.

hikeren h 603 low profile

Also, main cleaner head features rotating brushroll with rather soft bristles - bristles are gentle enough to be used even on the hardwood floors, although they are not as stiff as they should be to be able to pull out deeply embedded dirt and hair from thick carpets.

Note: if you have really delicate wooden floors, test the unit on the small area - the brushroll can't be turned off!

Main cleaner head and its brushroll are not maintenance free cleaning tool - it is up to the user to periodically remove the brushroll and clean it from entangled dirt like hair, lint, fibers and similar.

Hikeren H-603 is self-standing unit and letting it work on a single spot with spinning brushroll may cause damage to sensitive surfaces. So, when parking the unit, be sure to turn it OFF!

To help the user spot the dirt and for cleaning in low light conditions, Hikeren H-603 comes with LED headlights on the main cleaner head.

Wheels are gentle and in combination with full swivel mechanism and lightweight design, they make Hikeren H-603 very maneuverable unit, being able to glide around and even under most common objects and obstacles found at home, like walls, stairs, furniture, beds, sofas ...

Hikeren H-603 Suction and Endurance

hikeren h 603 handheldHikeren H-603 is rated at 120 watts, although there are sites that claim that it is rated at 200 watts.

Also, some sites claim that it features 12000 Pa (12k Pascals, N/m2), but according to the manufacturer's official site, Hikeren H-603 features suction:

- High Suction Mode: 7k Pa,

- Normal Suction Mode: 5k Pa.

Also, when the battery is fully charged, some sites claim that Hikeren H-603 can operate for 30 minutes in High Suction Mode, and 40 minutes in Normal Suction Mode - even official Hikeren site mention these values, but ...

In real life one can expect 20-25 minutes of operation using main cleaner head (with spinning brushroll) and some 25-30 minutes in handheld mode operating in High Suction Mode.

Also, in Normal Suction Mode, one may expect some 30-35 minutes using main cleaner head and 35-40 minutes in handheld mode. Some users claim even longer operating time, but don't forget that this unit uses 12.8V 2.5 Ah battery, storing ~32 Wh of energy.

Generally, suction is strong enough for the unit to do the cleaning, and that is all what is actually important.

Hikeren H-603 Air Filtration

hikeren h 603 air filterAccording to the manufacturer, Hikeren H-603 is intended for both wet and dry dirt, thanks to the allegedly moisture insulated motor.

Also, there are some claims that its washable air filter is able to capture 99.97% of 0.3 microns or larger particles - such air filtration would make this unit true HEPA vacuum cleaner, but ...

Hikeren H-603 feature good air filtration, but personally I doubt that its washable air filter is true HEPA air filter - compare it with air filters that come with, for example, Shark vacuum that are able to capture 99.9% of 0.3 microns or larger particles. Huge difference!

Mechanical air filter is aided by cyclonic action in the translucent dirt bin, that features capacity of ~0.6 liters, which is good capacity for the unit in this class.

Hikeren H-603 Additional Cleaning Tools

To help clean elevated surfaces, Hikeren H-603 comes with two additional cleaning tools:

- Crevice Tool is long and narrow cleaning tool, intended for vacuuming edges, corners, gaps and other narrow and hard to reach areas.

- Brush Tool is intended for vacuuming all sorts of debris from different surfaces, including pet and human hair, pet dry food, dust etc.

With its versatile main cleaner head, Crevice Tool and Brush Tool, Hikeren H-603 can be used for cleaning both floors and elevated surfaces commonly founds at homes.

What's in the Box?

hikeren h 603 in the box

When the unit arrives, it contains: Hikeren H-603 vacuum cleaner, Crevice Tool, Brush Tool, battery charger, wall mount, manual.

Unit must be assembled, but that can be done quickly and easily - just check the manual.

Hikeren H-603 vs Hikeren H-603 Upgraded

hikeren h 603 2There are two models of very similar Hikeren H-603 2-in-1 stick/handheld vacuums on the market: Hikeren H-603 and Hikeren H-603 Upgraded.

These models look practically the same, they have the same cleaning tools and accessories, etc.

Even official Hikeren site mention only one model ('older' Hikeren H-603) of this vacuum.

According to some sources, Hikeren H-603 Upgraded features 18 volts lithium battery, with all other features being practically the same. Even the price is almost identical.

'Older' Hikeren H-603 vacuum cleaner is tested by many users in the real-life situations, and it performs well - it can't be compared with Dyson, Shark, and other similar cordless units, but the Hikeren H-603 is also a cheaper unit (You win some, You lose some!).

The upgraded Hikeren H-603 vacuum cleaner so far has very good reviews, but we really can't find any difference, other than that battery ...

If you are looking for a simple convertible 2-in-1 stick/handheld unit, consider Hikeren H-603 vacuum - for its price, it is a good unit, despite some details (too many?) being 'lost in translation' ...

For more reviews and recommendations, check Hikeren H-603 Cordless Stick Vacuum (Upgraded) Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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