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Eufy HomeVac H11 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner - Model T2521

Eufy HomeVac H11, model T2521, is ultra-light cordless, bagless, handheld vacuum cleaner, designed for quick cleanups at home in emergencies.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, it may be stored on most suitable positions in order to be available at the moment notice.

Published: July 30, 2020.

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Eufy HomeVac H11 Features and Specifications

Eufy HomeVac H11 is a stylish looking handheld vacuum, weighing only 1.2 pounds (~0.55 kg), making it suitable for use even by elderly people and kids (kids under supervision by adults, of course).

The unit is powered via a built-in lithium-ion battery providing energy for 12-13 minutes of constant operation. Since the Eufy HomeVac H11 is commonly used for quick cleanups and in emergencies, runtime on the single battery charge is more than long enough for most situations.

Despite the size and weight, Eufy HomeVac H11 is rated at 70 watts and provides the suction of 5500 Pa, ensuring thorough cleaning of hair, crumbs, dust, and other, most common dirt types.


One of the very interesting features is battery charging - Eufy HomeVac H11 is charged using a USB charging port.

Note: Eufy HomeVac H11 requires 5V 2A charging port. USB ports on laptops and desktops rarely can provide such current - use USB charging ports on the USB chargers.

When the unit arrives, it is transported with semi-charged battery for safety reasons - before the very first use, be sure to charge the battery fully. Depending on the battery condition, it takes 2.5 - 3.5 hours to charge it completely.

Eufy HomeVac H11 comes with 3 LED battery indicator lights next to the Power On/Off switch, allowing the user to see the current condition of the battery status.

Note: Eufy HomeVac H11 is very simple to use and maintain a cordless handheld vacuum, but when it arrives, be sure to read the manual thoroughly.

When vacuuming, Eufy HomeVac H11 may use its main vacuum cleaner nozzle or the user may attach a 2-in-1 Crevice/Dusting Brush cleaning tool for vacuuming hard-to-reach areas and for dusting sensitive surfaces.

The dust cup is transparent, allowing the user to see the amount and type of vacuumed dirt. Due to the dust cup size, it is recommended to empty the vacuum after each use.

air filters

Air filtration is provided by the combination of the primary air filter and high-performance air filter. Both air filters are washable - depending on the use and dirt type, it is recommended to wash air filters once or twice per week and to replace them after 6 months of use or after ~50 vacuum uses.

Note: after washing, air filters must be thoroughly air-dried. Using the vacuum with wet/moist air filters, or no filters at all, may damage the vacuum and render its 2-year warranty void. air filters washing

Replacement air filter kits may be ordered from online shops.

Note: some users have spare air filter kits - while one set of air filters is washed and dried, another set is in the vacuum. Such practice ensures that the Eufy HomeVac H11 is available all the time - no time is lost for waiting for the air filters to dry out.

eufy homevac h11 mLong Story Short: If you are looking for an affordable, but rather capable cordless handheld vacuum, consider Eufy HomeVac H11.

It is very easy to use and maintain, with minimum maintenance costs and very good suction. Since suction depends on the condition of the air filters, keep them clean.

For the most up-to-date offers and prices, feel free to check Eufy HomeVac H11 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner and Eufy HomeVac H11 Replacement Filter Kit Amazon links (links open in the new windows).

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