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Electrolux EL3020A UltraPower Studio Cordless Stick Vacuum

Electrolux EL3020A UltraPower Studio Cordless Stick Vacuum is lightweight and compact bagless, cordless, stick/upright vacuum cleaner. It is designed for cleaning floors only and thus lack detachable handheld unit and additional cleaning attachments. But, it comes with strong and powerful 25.2V lithium ion battery which provides power up to 60 minutes on a single charge.

Also, it features strong LED headlights, motorized self-cleaning brushroll, washable air filters etc.

It is highly recommended for people requiring cordless vacuum cleaner for everyday cleaning of various floors like bare floors, carpets, rugs etc.

Published: March 1, 2019.

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Features and Specifications

Electrolux physical dimensions (H x L x W) are 43 x 5.5 x 10.5 inches (~110 x 14 x 27 cm) and it weighs 6.3 pounds (~2.9 kg) - unit is lightweight and cordless, and is very easy to carry around, even up and down the stairs.

Electrolux EL3020A comes with 180° Swivel Mechanism which significantly help with maneuverability, regardless of the floor surface. Since most of the weight is on the pair of wheels, combined with ergonomic handle and swivel mechanism, some people find Electrolux vacuums even too maneuverable.

Cleaning nozzle comes with motorized brushroll which significantly improves cleaning regardless if the user cleans bare floors or carpets. Area rugs can be cleaned too, but rugs with long fibers can cause some issues.

As the brushroll spins, its bristles loosen the dirt deeply embedded in the carpet fibers. Also, on the bare floors brushroll helps remove stuck-on dirt.

Brushroll does its job well, but occasionally loose hair, lint and fibers must be removed from the brushroll - this can be done quickly thanks to self-cleaning mechanism.

If the self-cleaning mechanism is unable to remove the tangled hair, brushroll must be removed from the nozzle and cleaned manually.

Note: before the very first use, be sure to thoroughly read the manual, especially about self-cleaning brushroll and washable air filters. For example, there is a 30 second limit for self-cleaning action per single battery charge. Again, EL3020A is simple to use and rather efficient unit, but in order to fully utilize its features, read the manual!

el3020a detachable batteryElectrolux EL3020A comes with charging stand that can be even wall mounted. Thanks to advanced electronics, unit is permanently stored on the charging stand, ready to be used at the moment notice.

When the unit arrives, charge it fully before the first use. Since the unit comes with lithium ion battery which doesn't have memory effect like older NiMH and especially NiCd batteries, there is no need to fully discharge the unit before the next charging cycle.

One of the interesting features is that the battery is easily removable, which is great if it requires replacement due to degraded performances or if the user requires longer operating time.

Note: battery can be charged only while in the unit. Never, but really never charge it some other way, not even using some other lithium ion charger - lithium batteries are safe when charged properly, but when not charged properly, they can burst to flames or even explode. Seriously!

Most important controls are positioned on the handle. Power on/off button is used to turn the unit on and off (logically). Unit has three power settings: it always starts with medium power setting ('Normal mode'). If the power regulation button is pressed once, unit will start to operate at maximum power ('Booster mode'). If the power regulation button is pressed once more, unit will operate at minimum power setting ('Silent mode') - in Silent mode maximum operating time is up to 60 minutes on a single battery charge.

el3020a headlightsCleaning head comes with strong LED headlights, helping the user to clean in low light conditions, for example, under the beds, furniture and similar. Also, during the daylight, strong headlights help spot various types of dirt and debris (dust, pet and human hair etc.) and clean really dirty areas more thoroughly.

Cleaning width is 10 inches (25.4 cm) and it allows the unit to clean large area quickly using combination of Normal and Boost modes, making EL3020A suitable as main vacuum cleaner in smaller to medium size homes and apartments.

Dirt bin capacity is 0.78 liters and it is highly recommended to empty it after each (larger) cleaning. Dirt bin is transparent, allowing the user to see type and amount of cleaned dirt and debris.

Air filtration is good, but not true HEPA air filtration level. Air filtration is achieved combining the cyclonic action and mechanical air filters. First filter protects the fine air filter from physical damage caused by vacuumed sharp objects. Second filter is fine air filter that does actual air filtration.

One of the interesting features of EL3020A (and several other similar Electrolux models) is mechanical air filter cleaning system, which helps in keeping the air filter clean - dirty filter(s) can cause significant drop in suction!

el3020a air filter

Nonetheless, periodically wash mechanical filters and return them into the unit only when they are thoroughly dry. Never use your vacuum without air filters or with wet filters!

Air filter should be replaced after some time, which depends on the actual usage of the unit.

Electrolux Cordless Stick Vacuums Comparison and Recommendation

Cordless stick vacuums from Electrolux differ in several very important details and before considering any of them, it is important to know their features and specifications.

Comparison of some of the Electrolux's models is given in the following table:

Model EL2055B EL2081A EL2095A EL3230A EL3020A
Photo el2055b table  el2081a table  el2095a table  el3230a table  el3020a table 
Battery Voltage 10.8V 14.4V 18V 18V 25.2V
Maximum Operating Time 21 min 30 min 35 min 35 min 60 min
2-in-1 Option Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Self-Cleaning Technology No Yes Yes Yes Yes
LED Headlights No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Charging Stand No No Yes Yes Yes
Cleaning Attachments Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush  Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Motorized Pet Hair Tool -
Amazon Link EL2055B EL2081A EL2095A EL3230A EL3020A

Note: Amazon links open in the new windows, feel free to check the latest prices and offers about these vacuums.

All models in the table are powered using lithium ion batteries that offer constant power during operation. However, due to the voltage and capacity differences, maximum operating time differ from 21 minute (EL2055B) to 60 minutes (EL3020A).

All models except EL3020A are 2-in-1 models - they are combination of handheld and stick/upright vacuum cleaner. Such design makes them more versatile than EL3020A, but EL3020A is optimized for cleaning larger flat surfaces, more quickly and easily. Also, EL3020A comes with the 25.2V lithium ion battery, while other vacuums come with 10.8, 14.4 or 18V batteries.

All models have 4 hours charging time, which is great improvement when compared with older NiMH and especially NiCd batteries.

To improve cleaning on various floors, all models come with motorized brushroll, but EL2055B model doesn't feature self-cleaning technology.

To improve maneuverability on various floors and cleaning hard to reach surfaces (under beds, tables etc.), all models feature 180° swivel mechanism.

Air filtration is good, but none of these models feature true HEPA air filtration. Also, they all come with 2-year limited warranty, which is good for such vacuums.

All 2-in-1 models feature Crevice Tool and Dusting Brush, but EL3230A also comes with additional Motorized Pet Hair Tool, which is very important for pet owners.

Since EL3020A is designed and optimized for vacuuming floors only, it comes with no additional cleaning attachments - simpler and lighter, but more robust and durable construction.

For more reviews and recommendations and latest offers and prices, check Electrolux EL3020A UltraPower Studio Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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