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Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier is excellent and versatile home air purifier. It is 3-in-1 unit, acting as an air purifier, air heater and as cooling fan.

Also, it comes with many other features like excellent air filtration, low power consumption as air purifier and cooling fan, low noise, automation of operation, voice control via Amazon Echo etc.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier comes with very nice price tag, but what you pay is what you get - top-of-the-line air purifier, highly recommended not only for people having issues with asthma and allergies, but also for all people wanting to breathe clean air at home.

Published: March 9, 2019.

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Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier - Features and Specifications

Dyson Air Purifier 24.9 inches (~63.3 cm) tall unit, with the base diameter of 8.7 inches (~22.1 cm). Unit weighs 8.6 pounds (~3.9 kg) and is intended to be placed on the permanent location.

Maximum air flow is 4.3 gallons/s, allowing the unit to fully process air from 140 sq. ft. room in 25-30 minutes, depending on the ceiling height.

Note: as the purified air mixes with the rest of the air, it actually takes more time for a unit like this one to fully purify required area.

Dyson Air Purifier is corded unit and is powered via 5.9 (~1.8m) power cord - personally, power cord should be longer.

Operation of the unit is very simple - air is collected from all around the unit (full 360°) and than it passes through the high-quality air filter, followed by the impeller which provide air flow.

After that, air enters upper part of the unit, containing a pair of ceramic heaters. In heater mode, ceramic heaters increase the temperature of the air, providing 'basic' heating capability.

Then air enters 'air loop amplifier', which increases the air flow and enables two air flow modes - diffused mode and focused mode.

Note: 'air loop amplifier' is not a carrying handle.

In order to cover desired area better, it is possible to tilt the unit manually (10° tilt). Also, unit can oscillate left/right automatically (70° oscillation).

Modes of Operation

There are three basic modes of operation regarding air treatment:

Air Purifier - unit collect air, filter it and than release it into the cleaned room. Unit doesn't have exposed fan blades, increasing the safety operation, which is very important, especially for people with kids and pets.

Cooling Fan - unit can be used as a cooling fan. After purification, air is released into the room as focused air stream or diffused air flow. Note: Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier doesn't 'cool' air (does NOT decrease the temperature of the purified air), it is 'just' cooling fan.

There are 10 settings for fan speed and at the maximum speed, unit creates ~64 dB of noise. At lower settings, operation is much quieter.

Air Heater - unit uses its pair of ceramic filters to increase the temperature of expelled air. Maximum temperature of ceramic filters is limited to avoid any burning smell of particles that do get through the air filter.

Maximum power consumption is ~2100 W as an air heater.

Two of the many important features is automation of the unit and air filtration.

dyson pure hot cool air purifier filterThanks to excellent air filter, unit is 'true HEPA' air purifier and is able to filter and retain 99.97% of 0.3 microns and larger particles.

Filter consists of two layers:

- first layer is made using 20 feet of borosilicate microfiber paper/cloth, pleated 333 times for achieving larger filtration surfaces and causing lesser pressure drop on the filter itself.

- second layer is made using a dense layer of activated carbon which is treated with oxygen (to make it more porous and thus to increase its surface), after which is tris-coated (increasing the filter's ability to capture various gases and fumes).

Such mechanical filter is not cheap, but it is essential for proper operation of the unit since it filters out and traps pet dander, dust and mold, pollen and various other potential allergens, kitchen and pet odors and smells, fumes etc.

On average, if the unit operates 12 hours per day, filter will have to be replaced every year - obviously, it is not the same if you live near quarry or on the 50th floor, far away from everyday garden/road/factory pollutants and allergens.

Dyson Link App

Dyson Link App enables the unit to control the unit using smart device and to receive status reports from the unit.

dyson pure hot cool air purifier app

Some of the common tasks that unit can do using Dyson Link App:

- it can monitor air quality and report it to the user - temperature, humidity, number of particles. If the unit is in the auto mode, it can react to the environmental conditions and remove detected pollutants, increase the temperature and similar,

- Dyson Link App enables the user to see air quality reports history,

- it can monitor the status of the unit, like fan speed, modes of operation, filter status etc.

- it can be used to schedule the operation with 7-day scheduler.

And the best of all, if you really don't like smartphones and tablets, you can use and control your air purifier using classic remote control.

Note: Although this is simple to use air purifier, due to its specifics, it is highly recommended to read the manual/instructions before the first use.

For those who really like home automation, Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier is Amazon Echo compatible unit and can be voice controlled using simple instructions like "What’s my indoor air quality like?", “When does my filter need changing?” and similar.

If you don't already own Amazon Echo device, it must be ordered separately later or can be ordered in the bundle with the air purifier.

amazon echo

 Night Mode of Operation

Unit is designed for both homes and offices. For use at home, special mode of operation called 'Night Mode' is highly recommended for people with pets and kids and for people having issues falling asleep due to the noise.

In Night Mode, unit automatically decreases the fan speed to level 4 (or stays at current fan speed if below 4) and gradually shuts-off display. The crescent moon symbol remains illuminated to notify the user that the unit is in the Night Mode.

This mode allows the unit to remain in operation near the children and purify the air as they sleep.

Long Story Short: Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier is not the most budget friendly air purifier, but it does its job well - it purifies the air and removes various pollutants and potential allergens.

It is also almost 'turn on and forget' unit with very low maintenance tasks. Air filter is not cheap, but it can last for a long time.

For more reviews and recommendations, and most up-to-date prices and offers, check Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link Air Purifier Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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