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Dyson Groom Tool

Dyson Groom Tool is specialized vacuum cleaner attachment, designed for picking up pet hair, pet dander, dust, pollen and other dirt and allergens commonly found in the pet's coats while still on the pet.

Dyson Groom Tool is easy to use tool, but it also requires some cooperation from the furry friend - when introducing the Dyson Groom Tool to your pet daily routine, start slowly ...

Published: March 1, 2019.

dyson groom tool

Dyson Groom Tool enables mess-free grooming for mostly medium and long-haired dogs.

It captures loose dog hair while still on the dog and remove it directly into the vacuum, greatly saving time and effort in keeping home clean and tidy.

Dyson Groom Tool is easy and fast to use and most importantly it is comfortable to the dogs - just be sure to introduce the tool slowly into the dog's daily routine.

Note: Dyson Groom Tool is vacuum cleaner attachment, which is attached to the cleaning hose of various Dyson's vacuums. So, first be sure that your dog is accustomed to the sound of the vacuum and only then start to groom the coat with the tool. Very soon, dog will accept the grooming as spending time with the owner and actually enjoy it.

dyson groom tool 2

Dyson Groom Tool feature 364 individual bristles that are angled at 35°, and when the tool is pulled across the dog's coat, they flex in upright position and grab loose hair, dead skin cells, dust, pollen and other dirt.

Tool is controlled via thumb, alternating between groom, self-clean and self-store modes - when the thumb control surface is pressed, bristles capture pet hair and other dirt; when the thumb control is not pressed, bristles are retracted and the hair is automatically vacuumed directly into the vacuum cleaner, effectively stopping them from spreading around the home.

Dyson Groom Tool is NOT compatible with Dyson cordless vacuums, but it is compatible with Dyson Ball, Dyson Small Ball, Dyson Cinetic vacuums, including DC33, DC39, DC40, DC41, and DC65 vacuum cleaners.

For Short: If you are looking for the way how to decrease the amount of the pet hair at your home or apartment, Dyson Groom Tool might be right tool for you - it vacuums pet hair while the hair is still on your dog, preventing the hair from spreading around.

This tool is also very effective in removing other dirt from the pet coat, including dust, sand, pet dander, dead skin cells etc.

Before purchasing, just be sure that your vacuum cleaner support this cleaning tool.

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