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Dibea UV808 Anti-Dust Mites UV Bed Vacuum Cleaner

Dibea UV808 is corded, bagless mattress vacuum cleaner, designed for vacuuming deeply embedded dust mites and other dirt and potential allergens from beds, mattresses, pillows and similar surfaces.

In order to be as efficient as possible, Dibea UV808 combines high frequency vibrations, dusting brush, UV light and strong suction to clean and sanitize the required areas.

Published: March 1, 2019.

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Dibea UV808 Features and Specifications

Dibea UV808 is oddly shaped for a handheld vacuum cleaner, but it is designed for a very specific purpose - to clean and sanitize mattresses and bedding.

Dibea UV808 is rated at 400 watts and weighs 3.96 pounds (~1.8 kg) - since most of the weight of the vacuum during operation is on the cleaned surfaces, unit is really easy to push-pull where required.

Power cord is 14.7 feet (~4.5 m) long and is long enough for intended purpose. Obviously, Dibea UV808 doesn't feature automatic power cord rewind system - when being stored, power cord is simply wrapped around the unit.

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In order to clean and sanitize beds and mattresses, Dibea UV808 features:

- dusting brush is used for sweeping the surfaces and agitating surface particles, which are then picked up by strong suction,

- vibration pad oscillates at 6 kHz, causing deeply embedded bed bugs, dust mites, skin cells and other tiny dirt to get loose, allowing the suction to pull them out and suck into the vacuum,

- UV quartz sterilliziation tube emits deadly UV light at 253.7 nm, killing the bed bugs, dust mites, bacteria, viruses and other unwanted tiny creatures. Note: 253.7 nm light is harmful to humans too, so don't 'play' with this and similar units! After all, it kills up to 99.8% of bed bugs!

- strong, 15 kPa suction picks up dirt and bed bugs not only from the surface, but also from the below surfaces - actual reach below the surface is hard to tell, since it depends on the surface material, its condition and other variables.

Note: Infrared sensors automatically turn off UV light as soon as the unit is lifted up by 30 degrees from the surface. This is great, but personally I prefer contact sensors on the mattress vacuums with UV lights - the moment the vacuum is lifted, UV light is turned off. Dibea UV808 can be lifted 1-2 inches before the light is turned off - again, this is not a toy!

Dirt cup capacity is 0.5 liters, which is more than enough for the vacuum cleaner in this class. After all, aim are small, practically invisible dust mites, bacteria, and other bed bugs ...

dibea 808 hepa filter

Dibea UV808 features one pleated air filter that is labeled as 'HEPA', but the manufacturer doesn't state the HEPA air filtration level.

Anyway, air filtration is good, as it should be when vacuuming potential allergens.

HEPA air filer can be easily removed and if required washed. Before reassembling it back into the unit, be sure that the air filter is fully dried - never operate the unit without the air filter or with moist/wet filter.

If required, spare air filter can be ordered online.

Bed Bug Killer Sprays and Mattress Encasements

For bed bugs to live and thrive, they need moisture and food in the form of dead human skin cells, hair and similar.

Keeping the mattresses truly dry and regular changing the bed sheets can keep the number of bed bugs very low.

spray encasement

However, if there is an issue with them, mattress vacuums like Dibea UV808 can significantly help. Actually, it is good practice to use such vacuums to prevent the bed bugs from appearing in large(r) numbers.

Although mattress vacuums can help, sometimes it is necessary to use chemicals in the form of bed bug sprays and/or powders. Such products MUST be used as instructed by their manufacturer and if you are going to use them, be sure to pick one that is as safe to the pets, kids and humans as possible, that it is natural, environmental friendly and that leaves no stains.

And when the mattress is cleaned, it is good practice to protect it using mattress encasement. Such encasement should prevent bedbugs from entering or escaping the mattress, should be waterproof, should allow moisture to escape the mattress, they must be machine washable etc.

Today, there are number of bedbug killer sprays and mattress encasements that fits these requirements easily, so choose according to your personal needs and preferences.

dibea 808 mattress vacuum mFor Short: Dibea UV808 is affordable mattress vacuum cleaner that does its job. It is lightweight, has very strong suction, good air filtration, 257.3 nm UV light, high vibration pad etc.

If you need a good mattress vacuum cleaner, consider this model.

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