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Coredy R300 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Coredy R300 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an entry-level bare-floor robot vacuum cleaner, very simple to use and maintain. It doesn't come with many advanced features and that is often the reason why so many people actual like it - and the fact that it does its job well.

Coredy R300 is rather compact unit, having a good suction, a pair of side brushes, multilayered air filtration system and few more features, making it one of the most popular robot vacuums in its class.

Published: February 22, 2020.

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Coredy R300 Features and Specifications

Coredy R300 is designed for cleaning bare floors and low-pile carpets. Despite having well designed drive system which enables the unit to climb obstacles 0.59 inches (15 mm) in height, it is not well suited for vacuuming medium- and high-pile carpets and area rugs.

Coredy R300 features two side brushes and dust scrapper, and combined with rather strong suction of 1400 Pa, it is able to clean thoroughly different types of bare floors and low-pile carpets.

Note: Coredy R300 can be used for vacuuming medium- and high-pile carpets and thick area rugs if they are not too soft - unit will climb and clean their surface, but since it lacks rotating brushroll, it can't clean deeply embedded dust, hair and other types of dirt.

coredy r300 bottom

Thanks to its design, unit is very maneuverable and can reach and clean under most sofas and beds - its diameter is 12.6 inches (32 cm) and the height is just 2.7 inches (6.9 cm).

Coredy R300 is powered by high-capacity 14.4 volts 2600 mAh lithium ion battery, storing enough energy for up to 110 minutes of constant operation on the bare floors. If the unit has to climb and vacuum carpets, operating time is a little bit shorter - nonetheless, Coredy R300 can easily clean relatively large area on the single battery charge.

When the cleaning task is over or when the battery is discharged, Coredy R300 automatically returns to the charging station and recharges itself. Fully discharged battery may be charged in 4-5 hours, depending on its condition.

One of the very interesting features are set of sensors that allows the unit to resume the cleaning task after charging - unit doesn't feature advanced mapping system, but it resumes its job if required!

coredy r300 edge

Other sensors include cliff sensors that prevent the Coredy R300 from falling off the stairs. Nonetheless, it is recommended by the manufacturer that such potentially hazardous obstacles should be blocked somehow - better safe than sorry.

Note: Coredy R300 is simple to use and maintain vacuum cleaner, but when it arrives be sure to read its manual thoroughly in order to get accustomed to your new robot vacuums.

Coredy R300 lacks WiFi connectivity, and lack of this feature is praised by many of its users - unit is controlled using simple IR remote control device and all of its settings are set using this IR remote, including setting the 7 day scheduled cleaning tasks.

Unit also doesn't support the use of magnetic boundary strips and the use of virtual barrier walls. If you have the need to prevent Coredy R300 from exiting certain area, simply close the doors.

coredy r300 bare floor

Coredy R300 features several cleaning modes, including:

- Automatic Cleaning Mode: unit navigates in random pattern, cleaning the surface until the battery is discharged or the dirt sensors don't sense the dirt left on the floor. Automatic Cleaning Mode finishes with Edge Cleaning Mode, after which the unit returns to the charging station and recharges itself, waiting for another cleaning task. If the battery is discharged before the area is cleaned, after recharging, the unit will resume the cleaning task.

- Edge Cleaning Mode: unit follows the edge of the walls and furniture and thoroughly cleans it.

- Spot Cleaning Mode: unit cleans area around 1 meter in diameter in spiral motion, first going outwards and than inwards, finishing on the starting point.

- Lower Suction Cleaning Mode: unit cleans using lower suction, preserving the power and generating less noise - recommended for night vacuuming.

- Single Room Cleaning: unit cleans certain area for 30 minutes, after which it automatically stops the cleaning and returns to the charging station.

All these cleaning modes can be set using unit's IR remote control device easily, including its weekly scheduled tasks.

coredy r300 dirt cup

Dirt cup capacity is 300 ml, which is enough for regular cleaning tasks, if the dirt cup is emptied after each vacuuming.

Air filtration system is based on the mechanical pre-filter and high-efficiency pleated air filter - Coredy doesn't state actual HEPA level of this air filter, but air filtration is rather good.

As said before, Coredy R300 is very simple to maintain, too. Regular maintenance tasks include:

- emptying the dirt cup after each cleaning task,

- cleaning the main air filter once or twice per week by tapping it onto the hard surface in order to remove the dust and other small particles from the filter's surfaces. Some users even tap the filter onto inner side of the trashcan whenever they empty the dirt cup. Depending on the vacuumed use and type of dirt, main air filter should be replaced every 2-3 months,

- caster front wheel, side brushes, cliff and floor tracking sensors, charging contacts and rest of the unit should be cleaned every month.

Note: side brushes should be replaced when they are visibly worn out and when they can't do their job properly.

All spare parts (brushes, air filters, even the battery) can easily be found at online shops, just be sure to order them for exact Coredy robot vacuum that You have.

coredy r300 climbing

Long Story Short: If You are looking for an entry level robot vacuum cleaner that comes at affordable price, but it does its job well and help the user to keep the home clean and more pleasant to live in, consider this model.

Coredy R300 features good suction, a pair of side brushes, set of various sensors, high-capacity battery, IR remote control device, good air filtration and other features required for thorough cleaning of bare floors and low-pile carpets.

It lacks rotating brushroll and WiFi connectivity and it doesn't support the use of Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistance - and this simplicity is additional reason why so many people prefers it.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check Coredy R300 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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