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Bissell 3" Tough Stain Tool Assembly for Carpet Cleaners - Model 314-9162

Bissell 3" Tough Stain Tool Assembly for Carpet Cleaners, Model 314-9162 is cheap and reliable cleaning attachment for various Bissell's carpet cleaner models, including all upright carpet cleaners and 'Little Green' models, 1400 and 1720 Series.

It is designed to be attached to the hose of deep carpet cleaners for use on stubborn spots and stains.

Published: March 1, 2019.

bissell 3 inch tough stain tool assembly 1

Bissell 314-9162 3" Tough Stain Tool is just 3 inches (7.62 cm) wide, enabling the unit to reach and clean narrow and tight areas and spaces - not as narrow as spaces that can be cleaned using crevice tools, but narrower than can be cleaned using main cleaner head of most carpet cleaners (carpet washers).

bissell 3 inch tough stain tool assembly 2

Bissell 314-9162 3" Tough Stain Tool is manual cleaning tool - it is up to the user to apply cleaning solution and to manually rub the cleaning solution into the dirt spot and than to manually wash/vacuum the dirty area by applying even more cleaning solution/clean water and/or suction to vacuum the dirt and dirty liquids.

According to the Bissell, this attachment fits models: 1400,1425-6, 14256, 14254, 14255, 1425D, 1425F, 1425T, 1400B, 1400, 14001, 14003, 14004, 14005, 14007, 14008, 1400A, 1400D, 1400E, 1400G, 1400H, 1400J, 1400L, 1400M, 1400T, 1400U, 1400Y, 1722S, 17201, 1720, 1720R, 1720S, 1400A, 1400Q, 1400U, 14252, 1425A, 1425Q, 14259, 1400Q, 1400R, 1400Z, 1425, 14251, 14257, 1425B, 1425C, 1425L, 1425P, 1425R, 1725R, 50Y6A, 50Y6, 50Y6R, 50Y6W, 1425W, 16977, 1697, 16973, 1697A, 1697M, 1697Q, 1697R, 1697W, 1698, 16981, 8804, 8804T, 1697-A, 1697-Q, 8804-M, 8804M, 7901-9, 79019, 7901, 7901B, 7901P, 7901R, 7901T, 7901X, 7920, 7920P, 89104, 8910, 89101, 89102, 89103, 89106, 8910J, 8910W, 12005, 1200H, 1200L, 1200Q, 12006, 1200, 12002, 12008, 1200A, 1200B, 1200C, 1200K, 1200R, 7887.

For short, it fits all upright carpet cleaners/washers and 'Little Green' models of 1400 and 1720 Series.

If you own Bissell carpet cleaner/washer and the Tough Stain Tool that originally came with your carpet cleaner/washer is not working any more, consider this tool - it is really cheap, but it does its job very well.

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