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Bissell 2390 Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell 2390 Pet Hair Eraser is cordless, bagless, handheld vacuum cleaner designed for cleaning not only pet messes, but also for quick general cleanups and for cleaning in emergencies.

Unit is powered using 14.4 volts lithium ion battery, and features several very useful cleaning tools. With good air filtration, long operating time and affordable price, Bissell 2390 is one of the most popular and appreciated handhelds.

Published: March 1, 2019.

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Bissell 2390 Features and Specifications

Bissell 2390 Pet Hair Eraser is powered using 14.4 volts, 4 cells, lithium ion battery. Unit is charged by simply plugging in the charger jack - it doesn't feature wall mount or charging station/cradle.

When the unit arrives, for the safety reasons, its battery is not fully charged and it must be charged first.

Note: Bissell 2390 is rather simple to operate handheld vacuum, but just to be sure, when the unit arrives, read the manual/instructions first.

Fully discharged battery requires some 8 hours to get fully charged. Also, fully charged battery provide approximately 15-20 minutes of operation, depending on the attachment being used, battery age, etc.

Bissell 2390 features battery status LED light, placed in front of the handle, easily visible. For exact LED statuses, please check the manual, just note that the unit is intelligent enough to recognize conditions like 'Brush Stall', 'Charger/Battery Error', 'Battery/Motor Issue' and similar.

In front of the handle are also power button and dirt cup release button, easily accessible with the thumb, regardless if the unit is operated by right or left handed person.

Bissell 2390 weights only 3.1 pounds (~1.4 kg), allowing even elderly and kids (supervised by adults) to use the vacuum.

bissell 2390 attachments

Bissell 2390 is called 'Pet Hair Eraser' since it features motorized brushroll, designed to help clean pet and human hair, lint, fibers, and other types of dirt from carpeted and upholstered surfaces. Motorized brushroll can be used on car seats, carpets, stairs, sofas and other similar surfaces, where rotating brush in combination with relatively strong suction can remove pet hair and other debris rather well.

Note: large, corded vacuum cleaners with motorized brushrolls can do the same job much better and faster, but Bissell 2390 can clean areas that are unreachable by main home vacuums. Not to mention than Bissell 2390 can start to clean faster, which is very important in emergencies - feature highly appreciated by pet owners and parents of small kids.

Upholstery tool is not as efficient in removing pet and human hair as motorized brushroll, but the upholstery tool is much gentler cleaning tool and can be used even on a very sensitive surfaces.

Upholstery tool features rotating neck, enabling the user to orient the tool as required.

Crevice tool is used for cleaning tight and hard to reach areas, corners, edges, between the mattresses, seats and similar.

Note: Upholstery tool can be set onto the crevice tool, increasing the reach when cleaning awkward places.

bissell 2390 2Bissell 2390 can be used without the cleaning tools attached, which is common cleaning configuration when vacuuming larger dirt and debris.

Dirt cup is transparent, and its capacity is 0.7 liters, which is rather large dirt cup for vacuum in this class. Nonetheless, it is recommended to empty the dirt cup after each use.

Bissell 2390 is intended for dry-dirt only and vacuuming moist/wet dirt can damage the vacuum.

bissell 2390 filterAir filtration is very good and it is achieved using three stage air filtering system.

First stage is mesh filter which filters larger particles and protect the second, pleated air filter.

Third stage is foam air filter which does final air filtration.

When emptying the dirt cup, it is good practice to tap the pleated filter firmly against the inside of the trash can in order to clean it.

After some time air filters must be washed and according to the manufacturer, they are washable using warm water and mild detergent.

Note: after washing, air-dry the filters thoroughly and assemble them back into the unit only when they are fully dry.

If the filters must be replaced, be sure to order OEM filters only.

Bissell 2390 comes with 1-Year warranty, which is standard warranty in this price range for vacuums of this type and purpose.

For Short: if you are looking for second or even third vacuum cleaner for your home and you need vacuum to be able to clean various types of dirt from various surfaces, including pet and human hair from carpets, stairs, sofas and similar, consider Bissell 2390 Pet Hair Eraser.

It features good suction, number of various versatile cleaning attachments, good air filtration, large dirt cup, relatively long operating time on a single battery charge etc. And, it is rather affordable unit.

For more reviews and recommendations, and for the best offers and most up-to-date prices, check Bissell 2390 Pet Hair Eraser Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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