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Bissell 2307 SpinWave Cordless Hard Floor Mop

Bissell 2307 SpinWave is a cordless mop designed for cleaning of hard floors, including tiles, marble, linoleum, vinyl, sealed hardwood floors and other bare floors found at homes and apartments.

Bissell 2307 SpinWave is powered via onboard 18V lithium battery providing the required energy for up to 20 minutes of almost effortless cleaning.

Updated: September 16, 2019.

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Bissell 2307 SpinWave Features and Specifications

When unit arrives, the box contains the hard floor mop, 4 mop pads (2x soft pads, 2x scrubby pads), 2 trial size Bissell Multi-Surface cleaning formula, a charger, a storage tray and of course, the instructions/manual.

Also, when the unit arrives, it requires minimal assembly, which can be done rather quickly.

Note: Bissell 2307 is simple to use hard floor mop, but just in case, before the very first use, be sure to read the manual/instructions.

Controls are rather simple and placed on the handle - these include unit on/off switch and 'Spray on demand' button/switch.

 When the unit is in upright position, even after being turned on, the mop pads don't rotate - the unit itself must be pulled backward in order to actually turn the mop pads' motor on.

Bissell 2307 SpinWave cleans floors using the mop pads scrubbing motion (rotation) and the cleaning liquid (tap water mixed with cleaning formula). In areas where the water is extra hard, the use of demineralized and/or distilled water is also a valid option in order to avoid leaving streaks and marks on the cleaned areas.

If the floors are extra dirty with sand, small gravel and similar dirt, it is recommended to vacuum such floors first, especially if these floors are wooden floors - scrubbing motion of the pads cleans the floors, but it can also spin sand/gravel particles over delicate surface and cause some surface damage. bissell 2307 spray on demand

Unit comes with two soft and two scrubby mop pads. Scrubby mop pads are intended for cleaning extra dirty floors that have very resistant surface, like tiles, marble and similar.

Soft mop pads are intended for everyday cleaning, and for cleaning of delicate wooden floors. Both soft and scrubby mop pads are machine washable and can be reused many times.

Note: hard floor mops can be used for cleaning delicate wooden floors only if their finish is sealed, with no cracks, since the moister can penetrate the wood and cause it to buckle and even rot.

Unit is lightweight (11 pounds, 5 kg) and features 28 oz (~0.83 liters) cleaning solution tank. Also, thanks to the swivel neck and the lack of power cord, unit is easy to maneuver around floor obstacles and objects and can easily traverse from one floor type to another.

Bissell 2307 doesn't feature any water heater, especially it doesn't feature water heater that would turn the water into the steam - this is hard floor mop, not the steam mop.

bissell 2307 multifloors

Cleaning path width is 14 inches (~35.6 cm) wide, enabling the user to quickly cover and clean large area. Since mop pads are round, unit can easily clean edges and along the wall baseboards, just be prepared for slight push/pull effect when the rotating mop pad touches the wall.

 When the unit arrives, battery must be recharged first - for the safety reasons, lithium batteries are transported in half discharged condition.

To fully charge the battery, plug in the charger for ~4 hours. Also, don't charge the battery until it is down to 10% of its capacity and never leave the charged battery plugged into the charger.

For short - personally, I would prefer smarter lithium ion charger, but this one also does its job sufficiently well.

bissell 2307 tray

One of the very interesting features of Bissell 2307 mop is the storage tray. Storage tray is obviously used for storing the unit, but it is also used for accurate placement of the mop pads on the unit. If mop pads are not properly aligned, unit can start to wobble in uncontrollable way - it is possible to position mop pads without the tray properly, but storage tray does it so much faster and easier.

bissell 2307 multisurfaceCleaning solution is prepared by mixing tap or distilled water with the cleaning formula.

By default, unit comes with two trial size Multi-Surface formula, which is good for wood, area rugs and tiles.

If you home mostly contain wooden floors, consider purchasing cleaning formula optimized for cleaning and maintaining wooden floors.

Cleaning formulas greatly help in removing various types of dirt from the floors, and are especially important for cleaning stubborn and sticky messes and dirt in general.

Cleaning solution is prepared by simply pouring tap or distilled water in the tank and by adding required amount of cleaning formula in the tank - tank already features fill lines for cleaning large area and for cleaning small area.

Note: the use of warm water is recommended for improved cleaning, just be sure that the water is warm, NOT hot. Again, Bissell 2307 is hard floor mop and NOT steam mop.

For Short: if you are looking for the solution on how to clean large, bare floors, consider Bissell 2307 SpinWave hard floor mop.

It is very easy to use, it can be very gentle to sensitive floors and can remove even the most stubborn stains and messes. Since it is powered via onboard battery, its autonomy is limited to 15-20 minutes at full power - and during that time, it can clean rather large area. But, since it doesn't need power cord to pull behind, it can be easily used over surfaces with many floor objects and obstacles.

Mop pads are machine washable and reusable, decreasing the maintenance and operation costs significantly.

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