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Bissell 2254 Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell 2254 CleanView Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is well designed and affordable upright vacuum cleaner, suitable to be used as the main vacuum cleaner in homes and apartments, with or without pets.

Although it is not the lightest such unit on the market, it is rather maneuverable unit, being able to vacuum various floor types commonly found at homes, even when there are many objects and obstacles on the floor. And if the unit can't go through, or the elevated surfaces must be vacuumed, long flexible cleaning hose and several cleaning attachments are ready to be used at the moment notice.

Published: March 1, 2019.

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 Bissell 2254 CleanView Features and Specifications

Bissell 2254 CleanView weighs 16 pounds (~7.25 kg), but thanks to the relatively large wheels and swivel mechanism, unit is rather maneuverable regardless of the floor type.

Bissell 2254 CleanView is designed for vacuuming various floor types including tiles, hardwood, pet beds, stairs, upholstery, low- and medium-pile carpets, area rugs etc.

Only on extra thick area rugs and extra high-pile carpets, this vacuum cleaner can have maneuverability issues - in any case, if the vacuum is hard to push-pull, check the main cleaner head height settings.

bissell 2254 rewind

Bissell 2254 CleanView is powered with 8 Amps motor and 27 feet (~8.2 m) long power cord. Actual cleaning reach is even longer, thanks to the 8 feet (~2.4 m) long flexible cleaning hose, extension wand and the set of cleaning tools.

Such reach enables the user to clean large area using just one wall power socket - no unnecessary interruptions during the cleaning task.

Bissell 2254 features automatic power cord rewind system, allowing the user to rewind the power cord with the simple press of the button.

Main cleaner head cleaning path is 13.5 inches (~34.3 cm), helping the user to clean large are rather quickly.

Also, main cleaner head feature triple action brushroll (brushroll with three types of bristles for picking up different types of dirt) and so-called 'Scatter-Free' technology for avoiding the scattering (hence the name) dirt by the rotating brushroll.

Brushroll is of generally good design, but it is not maintenance free brushroll - from time to time, it must be cleaned from tangled hair, lint, fibers and other similar dirt.

Cleaner head height is manually adjusted, using mechanical selector with 5 settings, positioned low on the cleaner head - such low position can cause problems to people with lower back issues.

Note: Bissell 2254 CleaView doesn't have suction control and the brushroll can't be turned off. When vacuuming sensitive floors, be sure to increase the height so that the bristles don't touch the floor surface. Although Bissell 2254 is simple to use and maintain vacuum cleaner, before the very first use, be sure to read the manual/instructions.

To help with the cleaning of the edges, main cleaner head also features dual edge bristles.

bissell 2254 cleaning

To help with the cleaning of stairs, pet beds, upholstery, and other elevated surfaces, Bissell 2254 comes with the set of cleaning tools, designed and optimized for cleaning practically all common surfaces and dirt types found at home:

- Extension Wand is used to increase the cleaning reach of other cleaning tools, which are used using flexible cleaning tool, with or without the extension wand.

- Combination Dusting Brush/Upholstery Tool is 2-in-1 cleaning tool, allowing the user to dust the hard surfaces and clean soft, upholstered areas using just one cleaning tool.

- Crevice Tool is long and narrow cleaning tool, intended for cleaning tight gaps and corners, between car seats and mattresses and other hard-to-reach areas.

- Pet TurboEraser Tool is motorized cleaning tool, featuring air turbine and small brushroll. It is excellent cleaning tool for cleaning deeply embedded dirt from smaller carpets, stairs and other carpeted and upholstered surfaces that tolerate such cleaning tool. Also, this is not maintenance-free cleaning tool and from time to time, the user has to remove tangled hair and other dirt from the brushroll and check the rest of the tool. This is very useful cleaning tool not only for pet owners - although they really appreciate such cleaning tool :)

- Pet Hair Corner Tool is another cleaning tool that can be very helpful in cleaning hair and other dirt from the bare floors, especially corners and other hard to reach areas. Pet Hair Corner Tool is often used in combination with the Extension Wand, to avoid bending as much as possible during cleaning.

bissell 2254 dirt cupBissell 2254 features transparent dirt cup, allowing the user to see type and amount of vacuumed dirt.

Maximum capacity of the dirt cup is 1 liter (to the 'Max Fill' line), helping the user to clean large area without the interruptions, although the dirt cup could be slightly larger. IMHO, of course.

Note that the Bissell 2254 is designed for dry dirt only - when the dirt cup is full, empty the dirt cup.

Personally, empty the dirt cup after every cleaning - dirt cup is detached from the rest of the unit and thanks to the bottom empting system, the dirt is released directly into the trash can.

Although Bissell 2254 doesn't come with 'SmartSeal Allergen System' like some similar Bissell's models, air filtration is rather good.

bissell 1214 filterAir filtration is based on the cyclonic action, pre-motor air filters and post-motor life-time air filter.

Cyclonic action spins the vacuumed dirt-air mix and separate the dirt from the air. This is one of the reasons why this and similar units don't have suction control - air has to come at certain speed into the unit in order for cyclonic action to do its job properly.

Pre-motor air filter is actually a combination of two filters: carbon and foam air filters, designed to remove both odors and small dirt particles from the air.

In order to fight odors even more, it is possible to use Febreze scented air filters.

Scented or not, these filters are washable, but washing these vacuums washes the scent away, too.

After some time, these filters must be replaced - generally, they are replaced after 3-6 months, depending on the use and type of the dirt.

Note: Bissell 2254 should not be used with wet/moist air filters and without its filters at all. If unsure about certain procedures, check the manual/instructions.

Bissell 2254 CleanView comes with 4-year limited warranty, which is very good warranty for such versatile vacuum in this price range.

 Bissell Pet Upright Vacuums - Comparison and Recommendation

Bissell manufactures several upright vacuums with the flexible cleaning hose, with cleaning after pets in mind - hence the 'Pet' in their label.

Some of these models are listed in the following table:

Model CleanView Swivel Pet (2252)  CleanView Swivel Rewind Pet (2254)  PowerGlide Pet (2215)  PowerGlide Lift-Off Pet Plus (20431) 
Photo bissell 2252 table bissell 2254 table bissell 2215 table bissell 20431 table
Brushroll Type Triple Action Triple Action Triple Action Triple Action
Swivel Steering Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Power Cord Rewind System No Yes No No
Power Cord Length 25 feet (~7.6 m) 27 feet (~8.2 m) 27 feet (~8.2 m) 30 feet (~9.1 m)
Power Rating 8 Amps 8 Amps 9.5 Amps 10 Amps
Cleaning Path Width 13.5 inches (~34.3 cm)  13.5 inches (~34.3 cm) 12.5 inches (~31.7 cm) 12 inches (~30.5 cm)
Weight 14.5 pounds (~6.57 kg) 16 pounds (~7.25 kg) 17.63 pounds (~8.0 kg) 17 pounds (~7.7 kg)
Cleaning Hose Length 6 feet (~1.83 m) 8 feet (~8.4 m) 11 feet (~3.35 m) 6 feet (~1.83 m)
Dirt Bin Capacity 1 liter 1 liter 0.75 liters 0.75 liters
Main Cleaner Head Height Settings 5 5 Auto Height Adjustment  Auto Height Adjustment 
Lift-Off Vacuum Technology No No No Yes
Brushroll On/Off No No Yes Yes
SmartSeal Allergen System No No Yes Yes
Combination Dusting Brush/Upholstery Tool Yes Yes No No
Combination Crevice Tool/Dusting Brush No No No Yes
Crevice Tool Yes Yes Yes No
Pet TurboEraser Tool Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pet Hair Corner Tool No Yes No No
Pet Hair Eraser Tool No No No Yes
Dual Edge Cleaning Yes Yes No Yes
Warranty 3-Year Limited 4-Year Limited 5-Year Limited 5-Year Limited
Amazon Link Bissell 2252 Bissell 2254 Bissell 2215 Bissell 20431

Note: Amazon affiliate links in the table open in the new windows, so feel free to check them for most up-to-date offers and prices.

bissell 2254 mAlthough they are very similar models, they differ in power cord length, motor strength, flexible cleaning hose length, air filtration, weight, dirt cup size, warranty etc.

For example, Bissell 2254 lacks 'SmartSeal Allergen System' technology, it has manual main cleaner head height adjustment, it has very good set of the cleaning tools, good capacity of the dirt cup, motor strong enough to create very good suction across its 13.5 inches wide cleaning path etc.

If you need a good upright vacuum cleaner with the flexible cleaning hose for vacuuming elevated surfaces and with set of cleaning tools that can deal with pet and human hair and other stubborn dirt, at acceptable price, consider one of these units - just choose according to your personal needs and preferences.

For more reviews and recommendations, and most up-to-date offers and prices, check Bissell 2254 Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Amazon link (link opens in the window).

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