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Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop

Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop is designed for cleaning and sanitizing bare floors and for refreshing and reviving carpets and rugs. It is very simple and reliable steam mop, that is available at very affordable price. For all these reasons, it is one of the most popular steam mops on the market for longer period of time.

Published: March 1, 2019.

bissell 1940 1

Bissell 1940 is corded steam mop powered via 23 feet (~7 m) long power cord. Such power cord perhaps could be longer, but the unit lacks automatic power cord rewind system and longer power cord could have issues with manual wrapping and unwrapping around the cord wrap hooks.

Nonetheless, using single wall power socket, user can clean rather large area.

Power requirements of the unit are 1500W - it takes about 30 seconds for the Bissell 1940 to start to produce the steam. Even if one has to change the power socket, it can be done quickly.

Unit weighs 6 pounds (~2.7 kg) with empty water tank and can be easily carried around, even up and down the stairs.

Cleaning width is 12 inches (~30.5 cm) and combined with swivel mechanism and lightweight design, Bissell 1940 is very maneuverable steam mop - it can easily clean under and around tables, beds, sofas and other objects and obstacles.

Water tank capacity is 16 oz (~0.47 liters). Water tank can be filled quickly and easily, even during cleaning - just be sure to thoroughly read the manual/instructions.

Bissell recommends the use of distilled or demineralized water with the 1940 mop, while tap water can shorten the operating life of 1940 and other similar mops.

Note: tap water leaves residue on the water heater and other internal components, but it also leaves marks and streaks on the cleaned floors.

bissell 1940 scented waterSome users prefer the use of 'scented water'. Such demineralized water can be used practically in all steam mops (not just Bissell's) for cleaning various floor types. Also, demineralized scented water leaves pleasant fragrance in the air, increasing the feeling of freshness and cleanness.

Bissell manufactures demineralized scented water with several fragrances, most popular are:

- Spring Fresh,

- Eucalyptus Mint,

- Citrus.

Scented water is basically demineralized water with the fragrance added - they are not cleaning agents. Actually, the use of cleaning agents in steam mops is not recommended, since such cleaning agents can cause various fumes and smells to be created when in contact with the water heater.

Bissell 1940 comes with two microfiber cleaning pads (fine microfiber pad and scrubbing microfiber pad) and two Spring Breeze scent discs.

bissell 1940 cleaning pads

Cleaning pads come with pockets for storing scented discs during their use. Scented discs function is similar to the function of scented water - they all leave pleasant scent in the air after cleaning.

When cleaning pads get dirty, they are quickly replaced with the clean one and the dirty clean pad can be washed and reused.

bissell 1940 nozzle

Note: when changing the cleaning pads, dirty cleaning pads can be very hot, so be extra careful. Also, to change the cleaning pads less often, it is recommended to vacuum the surface first with a 'normal' vacuum cleaner.

When used properly and as instructed, Bissell 1940 can sanitize and clean floor - it kills and cleans 99.9% of all of the bacteria and other germs, pathogens, allergens etc found on home floors.

Just be sure that your floors can tolerate cleaning with the hot steam.

To help users with various floors, Bissell 1940 comes with three steam settings:

- Low setting is suitable for sealed wooden and other similar sensitive floors. If the finish of your wooden floor has cracks, steaming it with ANY steam mop can cause it to change shape, buckle and even rot after some time. Also, waxed and similarly coated floors should not be steamed with ANY steam mop.

- Medium setting is suitable for ceramic tiles, marble, stone and similar heat tolerant materials. This setting is used in most situations.

bissell 1940 easy scrubber

- High setting is suitable for cleaning tough stains and messes found on heat tolerant floors. And if this setting is not enough, user can engage 'Easy Scrubber' brush for additional scrubbing - hence the name.

Carpets and rugs can't be efficiently cleaned using steam mops - as the steam mop with the microfiber pad is pushed across the carpet, it resists with rather large force. When the steam mop is pulled across the carpet, required force is still rather large.

However, carpet gliders can be used to assist with the cleaning of carpets and rugs.

Carpet gliders help the microfiber mop 'glide' across the carpets and rugs, making the use of steam mops on such surfaces easier.

bissell 1940 carpet glider

But, steam mops clean only surface of the carpets, not their interior, making them suitable for refreshing and reviving. Also, never leave the steam mop on one position, as this might cause damage to the carpet even if it is certified for cleaning with the steam mop.

If the carpets are placed on sensitive unsealed wooden floor, moisture from the carpet can penetrate the wooden floor and can cause damage.

Bissell 1940 vs 19404 Steam Mop

bissell 19404 1Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop and Bissell 19404 PowerFresh Pet Steam Mop are two very similar steam mops.

Main differences are:

- scented discs: Bissell 19404 comes with two Pet Odor Eliminating discs, while Bissell 1940 comes with two Spring Breeze scent discs.

- color: Bissell 19404 is white with some purple details and Bissell 1940 is white with some blue details.

Other than that they are the same: 23 feet long power cord, 6 pounds weight, 1500 W rated power, 2 years limited warranty, 16 ounces water tank, 12 inches wide cleaning path etc.

Long Story Short: Bissell 1940 is simple and durable steam mop that helps the user to clean and sanitize bare floors, which is very important for people with pets and kids.

It lacks scrubbing mechanism and automatic power cord rewind mechanism, but this makes unit simple and reliable.

Again, it is one of the most popular steam mops on the market.

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