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Scented Demineralized Water For Steam Mops

Steam mops evaporate water and using hot steam in combination with steam mop pads clean and sanitize moisture and heat resistant bare floors, like tiles, marble, vinyl and similar. Steam mops can be even used on hardwood floors with the finish certified for such cleaning or for refreshing carpets using steam mop carpet gliders.

However, many users wonder should they use tap, demineralized, or distilled water in their steam mops. Each one of these have its pros and cons...

Updated: November 12, 2019.

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Steam Mop Water Heaters

In order to produce the hot steam, steam mops feature water heaters commonly ranging from 1000 to 1500 watts, rarely more.

Water heaters evaporate water into the hot steam, which is than used for cleaning and sanitizing.

Main problem with this process is that as the water evaporates, minerals present in the water are deposited mostly on the water heater or other internal components of the steam mops, although they can exit the steam mops via small droplets and leave a dull residue on the cleaned floors.

After some time of use of tap water, water heaters must be either cleaned or replaced - in the areas with really hard water, steam mops that are often used, can malfunction in less than a month of regular use due to the water heater deposits. And that is why steam mops should use demineralized or distilled water - longer, trouble-free operating life of the steam mops and better cleaning.

Demineralized vs Distilled Water

distilled waterWhile tap water can contain significant amount of minerals, demineralized and distilled water contain almost nothing but the 100% pure water.

Demineralized water is usually produced using reverse osmosis process, and although it doesn't remove 100% of minerals, total amount of minerals is very low and such water can be safely (should be labeled as such!) used in steam mops, flooded lead-acid batteries, and similar applications.

Distilled water is produced by boiling the water and condensating the water steam into the practically 100% pure water.

Distilled water is 'cleaner' than demineralized water, but it also costs more.

Note: double distilled water, also know as redistilled water is even purer than distilled water, but it costs even more and is used in applications where such pure water is required (labs and similar).

Personally, demineralized water is perfect choice even for steam mops that can, according to their manufacturers, use common tap water - such steam mops are usually designed with easy accessible water heaters in order to help with their maintenance.

Basically, one can choose between the 'tap water + water heater cleaning' and the 'demineralized/distilled water without water heater cleaning'. Call me lazy, but I prefer the use of demineralized water :)

Scented Demineralized Water and Scented Discs

Demineralized water helps the steam mop user to protect the steam mop and to clean the floors without leaving any residue on the floors in the form of the streaks, spots and similar.

However, using scented demineralized water leaves the pleasant and refreshing fragrance in the air, increasing the feeling of cleanliness.

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When choosing scented demineralized water, be sure that it doesn't create harmful fumes, that there is no dull residue left on the floors, that it is safe for the steam mops, safe for the pets and kids and of course, safe for use.

Most scented demineralized water products leave soft and pleasant fragrance in the air and in the floors, some users find even such scent too strong. In order to remedy that, they simply dilute scented demineralized water with common demineralized or even distilled water.

Scented discs can be used with certain steam mop models by adding scented discs in special pockets found on the steam mop pads. As the floors are being cleaned, hot steam penetrate the scented discs, which then release the pleasant and refreshing scent.

Again, some users find scent from one scent disc too strong, so they add half or even just a quarter of a single disc into the steam mop pad. Also, before washing steam mop pad, either throw away the scent disc or continue to use it in the clean steam mop pad.

bissell 1940 scented waterLong Story Short: The use of demineralized or distilled water can greatly prolong the operating life of any steam mop and can help leave the floors even cleaner and shinier.

Scented demineralized water not only that protects the steam mops and help with the cleaning of the floors, it also leaves refreshing fragrance on the floors and in the air, helping one in keeping the home clean, safe and pleasant to live.

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