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How to Pick the Best Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

Mattress vacuum cleaners are very specific vacuums, optimized for vacuuming and cleaning of the mattresses (hence the name), beds, sofas, upholstery, and other similar surfaces.

Although the mattress vacuums are mostly specialized units, some general-purpose vacuums can be used as mattress vacuums with suitable cleaning attachments.

The best mattress vacuums not only clean the surfaces but also sterilize them, dry them and vacuum them. Picking up the best mattress vacuum cleaner is easy and with all the models on the market, it is often left to personal needs and preferences.

Updated: November 18, 2021.

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Mattress vacuums use several methods in order to effectively clean and sanitize mattresses and other similar surfaces.

Since a single mattress can contain up to, or even more than 10 million dust mites and other bed bugs, having a good mattress vacuum or at least a good mattress cleaning tool or attachment is very important for healthier and more pleasant living, regardless if you have or don't have dust mites or similar issues and allergies.

Mattress Vacuum Cleaner Features and Specifications

mattress vacuum 2Power Source: most mattress vacuums are corded units and are powered via a relatively short and thin power cord. 'Short' means that it is often shorter than 15-20 feet (~4.6-6.1 m) and 'thin' means that the power cord is easily manually wrapped around either vacuum's body or power cord wrap hooks and that the power cord is dimensioned according to the power rating of the unit.

Personally, a 15-20 feet long power cord is more than enough for vacuuming individual mattresses, sofas, beds, and similar surfaces.

Specialized cordless mattress vacuums are not so common, but some general-purpose cordless vacuums feature cleaning tools optimized for vacuuming mattresses.

Large home vacuums that are rated up to or even more than 1400 W can be used as mattress vacuums if they have a cleaning hose with suitable mattress cleaning attachments.

Air Filtration: since mattress vacuums deal with very small and tiny dirt, it is highly recommended that they are 'true HEPA' air filtration units - they must pick up and trap at least 99.97% of 0.3 microns or larger particles and they should expel practically the clean air.

Since there are several levels of HEPA air filtration, some manufacturers claim that their units are HEPA mattress vacuums, but they state the HEPA level using 'small letters'.

The following chart lists various classifications of air filters and air filtration according to the EN 1822 standard:

Filter Group Filter Class Filtration Efficiency Penetration
Efficiency Particulate Air (EPA) Filters E10 85 % 15 %
E11 95 % 5 %
E12 99.5 % 0.5 %
High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filters H13 99.95 % 0.05 %
H14 99.995 % 0.005 %
Ultra-Low Penetration Air (ULPA) Filters U15 99.9995 % 0.0005 %
U16 99.99995 % 0.00005 %
U17 99.999995 % 0.000005 %

The size of most common pollutants at homes are:

  • flu virus: 0.1 μm,
  • tobacco smoke: 0.1-1.0 μm, with the most particles being 0.2-0.25 μm in size,
  • bacteria: 0.3-10.0 μm,
  • pollen: 10.0-100.0 μm,
  • pet and human hair: 30.0-200.0 μm,
  • dust mites: 90.0-600.0 μm,
  • sand grains: 50.0-1000.0 μm, etc.

That is why it is vital that a mattress vacuum cleaner has excellent air filtration in the form of a 'true HEPA' air filtration system - between H13 and H14.

Bagged or bagless: mattress vacuums are almost exclusively bagless units and they feature relatively smallish, often transparent dirt cups that are easy to empty and when required, to wash. Mattress vacuums don't require large dirt bins, since the dirt which they pull from the mattress is not very voluminous.

Handheld or not: mattress vacuums are almost exclusively lightweight handheld units. Being light and compact, allows the user to accurately and easily use them when and where required. Some mattress vacuums feature, for example, a telescopic handle or cleaning wand, allowing them to be used for cleaning carpeted floors, stairs, and similar surfaces.

Suction strength: while some robot vacuums feature 1-2 kPa suction and large domestic vacuums reach 20+ kPa, mattress vacuums commonly have 8-12 kPa suction. Such suction is more than strong enough to pull out the dust mites, pollen, and other potential allergens and to send them down the air stream into the dirt cup. For cleaning more sensitive surfaces, some models feature a power selector for adjusting the suction power.

One or more suction inlets: Most mattress vacuums feature 'just' one suction inlet, which is IMHO good. However, some models feature two suction inlets, with the main suction inlet on the lower side of the vacuum and second, a smaller suction inlet on the upper side for vacuuming dust mites that are perhaps managed to get away but are lifted into the air by vacuum passing across the mattress surfaces.

mattress vacuum 3

Beater bar/brushroll: in order to clean deeper, mattress vacuums should have beater bars/pads and/or rotating brush/brushroll. As the vibrations penetrate the surface, they agitate and help loosen dust mites, dust, dead skin cells, pollen, and other similar debris, which are then picked up by strong suction into the vacuum.

Warm/hot air blower: in order to grow and reproduce, dust mites and other bed bugs need food (for example, human dead skin cells are the perfect food for them) and moisture. By drying out mattresses and keeping them dry, one denies bed bugs one of the key elements required for their existence.

Thus, the air is warmed up to 130°F (~55°C) and blown onto and into the mattress, effectively removing the moisture from the mattress. Using hotter air could improve the drying effect, but not all fabrics can tolerate such hot air - even with 130°F (~55°C) warm air be careful.

Also, warm air helps kill the bed bugs directly by drying them as well.

UV-C irradiation: UV-C light is very harmful light, not only for bed bugs, germs, bacteria, etc. but for humans, too. UV-C light source is commonly UV tube that irradiates mattress with ~253 nm UV light, leading to additional drying out of bed bugs, and to the destruction of their membranes and DNA - for short, UV-C kills bed bugs, germs, bacteria, viruses etc. and sterilizes the mattress.

Since UV-C light is harmful to people too, mattress vacuums featuring UV-C light come with safety surface sensors, commonly placed in the wheels - when all the wheels are touching the cleaned surface, UV-C lamp can be turned on. If just one of the wheels is not touching the surfaces, the UV-C lamp is automatically turned off.

The Best Mattress Vacuum Cleaners

With so many models on the market, at first, it is not easy to pick 'the best' mattress vacuum cleaner. But, after digging a little bit, it is relatively easy to pick several models that stand out from the rest of this class. Here they are ...

1. Dibea UV-10 Bed Vacuum Cleaner

dibea uv 10 mattress vacuumDibea UV-10 Bed Vacuum Cleaner is a corded, bagless handheld vacuum cleaner featuring a roller brush, cyclonic air filtration system with HEPA air filter and 8 inches (20 cm) UV light.

For its size, Dibea UV-10 is powered with a very strong motor, rated at 300 watts which is able to create strong suction and powerful airflow.

High frequency (33000 Hz) vibrations beat out deeply embedded dirt like dust, mites, and other potential allergens, which are then removed by strong suction.

Dibea UV-10 comes with 8 inches (20 cm) UV lamp, rated at 9 watts. UV light is emitted mostly at harmful 253.7 nm, efficiently sterilizing the cleaned surface. Since such UV light is harmful to humans too, Dibea UV-10 also comes with safety features in order to prevent injuries and skin burns.

6 layers air filtration system removes 99.9% of all particles 0.3 microns or larger in size.

With 14.7 feet (~4.5 m) long power cord, only 4.1 pounds (1.86 kg) of weight, and 400 ml extra-large (for this type of vacuum) dirt cup, Dibea UV-10 deserves to be on top of our list, despite lacking hot air fan.

For more features and specifications, feel free to check Dibea UV-10 Bed Vacuum Cleaner Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

2. Dibea UV808 Anti-Dust Mites UV Bed Vacuum Cleaner

dibea 808 mattress vacuum mDibea UV808 is a corded, bagless mattress vacuum cleaner, designed for vacuuming deeply embedded dust mites and other dirt and potential allergens from beds, mattresses, pillows, and similar surfaces.

In order to be as efficient as possible, Dibea UV808 combines high-frequency vibrations, dusting brush, UV light, and strong suction to clean and sanitize the required areas.

Dibea UV808 is rated at 400 watts and weighs 3.96 pounds (~1.8 kg), while the power cord is 14.7 feet (~4.5 m) long.

In order to clean and sanitize beds and mattresses, Dibea UV808 features:

- dusting brush is used for sweeping the surfaces and agitating surface particles, which are then picked up by strong suction,

- vibration pad oscillates at 6 kHz, causing deeply embedded bed bugs, dust mites, skin cells, and other tiny dirt to get loose, allowing the suction to pull them out and suck them into the vacuum,

- UV quartz sterilization tube emits deadly UV light at 253.7 nm, killing the bed bugs, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, and other unwanted tiny creatures. Since 253.7 nm light is harmful to humans too, Dibea UV808 comes with required safety features that turn off the lamp when the vacuum is not pressed onto the cleaned surface.

- strong, 15 kPa suction picks up dirt and bed bugs not only from the surface but also from the below surfaces.

Dirt cup capacity is 0.5 liters which is excellent for a vacuum cleaner of this size and class.

HEPA level of air filtration is not known, but the unit features a pleated air filter labeled as 'HEPA air filter' - it would be nice to know the exact HEPA level of the whole unit.

For more features and specifications, feel free to check Dibea UV808 Anti-Dust Mites UV Bed Vacuum Cleaner Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

3. RAYCOP UV+ RN Sanitizing HEPA Allergen Vacuum

raycop rb uv w200px

RAYCOP UV+ RN Sanitizing HEPA Allergen Vacuum features physical dimensions of 11 x 14 x 6 inches (~28 x 35.6 x 15.2 cm) and it weighs 4.18 pounds (~1.9 kg).

RAYCOP UV+ RN is rated at 330 watts (with 8 watts UV lamp) and uses several technologies to clean and sanitize the mattresses and other cleaned surfaces:

- UV light sanitizes the surface, killing bacteria, viruses, bed bugs, etc.

- pulsating brushroll loosens the deeply embedded dirt and pulls it out of the cleaned surfaces.

- strong suction removes both surface dirt and deeply embedded dirt and sends it into the dirt cup.

To prevent the vacuumed dirt from being released back into the cleaned area, RAYCOP UV+ RN features multilevel HEPA air filtration.

Thanks to the rotating and vibrating brushroll, RAYCOP RN UV Sanitizing HEPA Allergen Vacuum is often the preferred choice of pet owners - as the brushroll vibrates, it loosens the deeply embedded dirt, but also, as it rotates, it pulls out hair, lint, fibers, and similar dirt.

And since it is an affordable unit, some people prefer to have one for pet beds, carpets, stairs, and similar surfaces and another one for beds, pillows and similar surfaces.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the RAYCOP UV+ RN Sanitizing HEPA Allergen Vacuum Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

4. IRIS USA 596942 IC-FAC2 Mattress and Furniture Vacuum Cleaner

iris usa ic fac2 w200px

IRIS USA 596942 IC-FAC2 Mattress and Furniture Vacuum Cleaner features physical dimensions of (L x W x H) 9.80 x 5.70 x 15.90 inches (~24.9 x 14.5 x 40.4 cm), weighs ~3.5 pounds (~1.6 kg) and is intended not only for vacuuming mattresses but also for vacuuming furniture, stairs and other smaller carpeted and upholstered surfaces.

IRIS USA 596942 IC-FAC2 is rated at 3.8 Amps and features very good suction across its ~8 inches (~20.3 cm) wide cleaning path.

As mattress vacuum, IRIS USA 596942 IC-FAC2 cleans using the combination of:

- mechanical agitator: extra-wide mechanical agitator beats at 6000 Hz, releasing the dust, mites, and other potential allergens from mattresses and other surfaces,

- strong suction: removes deeply embedded dirt that was loosened by the 6kHz vibrations.

As one can see, IRIS USA 596942 IC-FAC2 doesn't include UV light nor hot/warm air blower - nonetheless, it cleans the mattresses deeply.

IRIS USA 596942 IC-FAC2 comes with three suction strength settings, allowing the user to adjust the suction according to the surface being cleaned.

Also, IRIS USA 596942 IC-FAC2 features dust/dirt sensors and indicator lights, telling the user current dust/dirt level:

- Red Light: not clean,

- Orange Light: almost clean,

- Green Light: clean.

Indicator lights ensure the user that no surface is left uncleaned and that there is no waste of time cleaning over and over already clean surfaces.

The power cord is ~13.1 feet (~4 m) long ensuring a relatively long cleaning reach of the unit. Also, the dirt cup features a capacity of 6.8 ounces.

At the moment, IRIS USA 596942 IC-FAC2 is a very popular model, being slowly replaced by the newer, but very similar, IRIS USA 596943 FAC4U mattress vacuum, which is rated at 4.7 Amps (vs 3.8 Amps of IC-FAC2 model).

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the IRIS USA 596942 IC-FAC2 Mattress and Furniture Vacuum Cleaner and IRIS USA 594943 FAC4U High-Power Mattress Vacuum Cleaner Amazon links (links open in the new windows).

Older Mattress Vacuum Models

Here are a few somewhat older mattress vacuum models that can't be always found on the market. However, they are good units intended for deep cleaning of mattresses and similar surfaces.

1. Housmile 810 UV Anti-Dust Mites/Anti-Bacterial Vacuum Cleaner

housmile anti bacterial uv mHousmile 810 UV Anti-Dust Mites/Anti-Bacterial UV Vacuum Cleaner combines several cleaning methods for cleaning and sterilization of various surfaces like mattresses, sofas, beds, and similar, making it one of the best and most popular handheld mattress vacuums in its class.

Housmile 810 UV Anti-Dust Mites/Anti-Bacterial UV vacuum cleaner combines hot air, rotating brushroll, deadly UV light, and strong suction with true HEPA air filtration in order to remove germs, dirt, and potential allergens like bacteria, viruses, dust mites, pollen, etc.

Housmile 810 UV is corded, bagless, handheld vacuum, suitable for cleaning various carpeted, upholstered, and similar surfaces, like mattresses, sofas, beds, smaller carpets, stairs, pillows, bedsheets, etc.

Although rather small and compact, the unit is rated at 350 watts and provides 10.5 kPa of suction. It is designed as a handheld unit and it weighs 4.5 pounds (~2 kg). Some users find 4.5 pounds a little bit too much for a 'lightweight handheld', but during vacuuming most of the weight is firmly on the cleaned surface and the unit is easy to use and clean with.

Housmile Anti-Bacterial UV Vacuum uses 4 most important cleaning methods for a good mattress cleaner:

- UV light at ~253 nm for sanitizing the cleaned surface,

- Rotating brushroll features two types of bristles for complete surface cleaning, but it also sends high-frequency vibrations (6000 cycles/min) into the cleaned surface, helping the unit to clean even deeply embedded dirt,

- 10.5 kPa strong suction pick up both surface and deeply embedded dirt,

- Hot air blower uses warm/hot air (~130°F, 55°C) to dry the cleaned surfaces and to help with sanitation.

Housmile 810 UV features a HEPA air filtration system that is able to capture 99.98% of 0.3 microns or larger debris.

Its 200 ml dirt cup can hold enough dirt for one cleaning task with no issues, but it could be perhaps larger.

Housmile 810 UV is an upgraded version of the Housmile 804 vacuum cleaner which is still a very popular model and which set many new standards for mattress vacuum cleaners.

Also, there is also a newer model, Housmile 836 which has good suction, UV-C lamp for irradiation and sterilization of vacuumed surfaces, telescopic handle for cleaning floors, excellent air filtration, etc, but, it doesn't have a warm air fan, nor it has high vibration beater bar or similar system for 'shaking' the vacuumed surfaces.

Personally, both Housmile 804 and 836 are good mattress vacuums, but the 810 model is simply put - a better mattress vacuum cleaner. Thanks to its features, Housmile 804 is very close to the first position ...

2. Euleven UV Handheld Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

euleven uv mattress vacuumEuleven UV Handheld Mattress Vacuum Cleaner is a corded, bagless vacuum cleaner, designed for cleaning and sanitizing mattresses, carpets, sofas, pillows, pet beds, and similar.

UV light tube emits at 253.7 nm, killing harmful bacteria and germs, while hot (55°C) air dries the surface, further killing germs, bacteria, and similar.

Euleven UV Handheld Mattress Vacuum Cleaner comes with a high-frequency (3.8 kHz) beater bar, and a powerful suction motor rated at 356 watts that creates 8.5 kPa of suction. The power cord is 13' 1 1/2" (4 m) long and is long enough for most cleaning tasks of this kind.

Note that Euleven UV Mattress Vacuum also features a second suction port, for more thorough cleaning.

The air filtration system is true HEPA - it is able to capture at least 99.97% of 0.3 microns or larger particles.

The unit weighs only 3.2 pounds (~1.45 kg) and features a rather small dirt cup of 160 ml - the dirt cup is large enough for general cleaning, but it could be perhaps larger.

Mattress Vacuum Cleaners Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most common questions about mattress vacuum cleaners and about cleaning and vacuuming of mattresses:

How do you deep clean a mattress?

The easiest way to deep clean a mattress is to use a good mattress vacuum that combines several cleaning technologies, including high-frequency vibrations, UV light, and strong suction - a hot/warm air blower is also welcome.

Is it good to vacuum your mattress?

Yes, even if You don't have issues with bed bugs, it is a good practice to periodically vacuum the mattresses.

Can we clean the mattress with a vacuum cleaner?

Ordinary vacuums can be used to vacuum mattresses, especially if they have mattress cleaning attachments and cleaning hose/wand. However, such cleaning is not as thorough, since it lacks UV light, warm air blower, and often high-frequency vibrations.

How can I clean my mattress without a vacuum?

If it is a sunny day, take your mattress out on the sun - sunlight will dry the mattress and sanitize it deeply. After that, You can vacuum it with an ordinary vacuum.

Note that some mattresses may be sensitive to sunlight and their color may slowly fade away.

What causes yellow stains on mattresses?

Various liquids that are spilled on the mattresses may cause yellow stains, which can be cleaned using various ready-made chemicals/detergents - when cleaning, just be sure to follow the instructions.

What is the best way to clean a mattress?

Get a nice mattress vacuum and periodically clean your mattresses - even before You notice any issues with the dirt, allergens, bed bugs, germs ...

How do you disinfect a mattress?

A mattress vacuum with UV light and a warm air blower can disinfect a mattress very well. However,  if required, chemicals can be used to disinfect the whole mattress as well - again, be sure to use them according to the instructions.

How to vacuum a mattress?

Slowly - when vacuuming mattresses, it is important to pull mattress vacuum over the clean surface slowly, allowing the unit to clean the surface thoroughly.

Also, feel free to clean the same surface several times in order to clean it deeply.

Few Final Words

A good mattress vacuum is a specialized corded, bagless, handheld unit featuring strong suction, true HEPA air filtration, UV-C lamp/tube, vibration pads/beater bars or motorized brushroll, and hopefully a warm/hot air blower.

Vacuums with very strong suction and motorized brushrolls can be used as effective mattress vacuums, just be sure to keep mattresses as dry as possible.

Mattress vacuums can be used to clean and sanitize other surfaces as well, including upholstered furniture, pet beds, stairs, smaller carpets and area rugs, and similar.

Just be aware that the UV-C light is harmful to humans too and that it may cause some discoloration of very sensitive surfaces.

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