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Best Cordless Steam Mops for 2021 - How to Pick the Best One?

Cordless mops and vacuum cleaners are powered using the energy stored at onboard battery, giving them independence regarding wall power sockets, but limiting their operating time.

Steam mops are devices that clean and sanitize floors and elevated surfaces combining the power of steam and steam mop pads.

Thus, cordless steam mops would be battery operated steam mops, but the real life is slightly more complicated than that.

Updated: June 4, 2021.

Corded Steam Mops - Quick Overview

shark sk460 mCorded steam mops operate using mains power, provided via power cord usually 20-25 feet (6.1 - 7.6 m) long. Power cord provide energy for water heater which is usually in the 1000-1600 watts range, commonly around 1500 W.

Even such 1500 watts water heater requires on average 20-30 seconds to start to produce steam for cleaning.

Other electrical subsystems of the steam mop (not always present) are spray pump, LED lights, scrubbing mechanism and similar. Although these subsystems also require electrical energy, their energy requirements are far less than energy requirements of the water heater.

Although lithium ion batteries are much stronger and lighter than older lead acid, Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), they are not yet able to provide 1500 watts for at least 15-20 minutes, at least not for any reasonable price.

Example: Dyson Cyclone V10 Cordless is one of the best cordless vacuums on the market and in the maximum suction mode its 525 watts motor creates 150 Air Watts of suction, and thanks to its high-capacity lithium ion battery, it is able to operate for about 8 minutes at maximum power on the single battery charge.

Thus, 1500 W water heater would operate slightly less than 3 minutes using the same battery - and 3 minutes are far too short for steam mops to clean any larger sufrace.  Also, one should not forget 20-30 seconds initially required for the unit to start to produce steam.

For short: at the moment, there are not true cordless steam mops on the market - there are no cleaning devices on the market that are battery powered and that clean using steam and steam mop pads at the same time.

If You Google 'cordless steam mops', there is a great chance that You will open a list of cleaning tools claiming to be the 'cordless steam mop list', but models are corded, or they are not true steam mops.

Cordless Steam Mops - Similar Devices

 If you are looking for devices similar to 'cordless steam mops', consider one of the following:

bissell 2307 hard floor mop 1Cordless Hard Floor Mops clean the floors using hard floor mop pads, often combined with cleaning detergent/cleaning solution - cordless spray mops.

In order to improve cleaning and shorten the cleaning time, cordless hard floor mops use spinning or scrubbing mechanism, allowing the unit to scrub and clean the surface, while the unit is being gently pushed-pulled across the floor surface by the user.

Cordless hard floor mops don't have water heaters, but can operate using warm cleaning solutions in order to improve cleaning.

Their operating time on the single battery charge is usually around 15-20 minutes, allowing the users to clean large area, without recharging the battery.

Typical example of such hard floor cleaning mop is Bissell 2307 SpinWave Cordless Hard Floor Mop.

Bissell 2307 SpinWave Cordless Hard Floor Mop

Bissell 2307 SpinWave is a cordless mop designed for cleaning of hard floors, including tiles, marble, linoleum, vinyl, sealed hardwood floors and other bare floors found at homes and apartments.

Bissell 2307 SpinWave is powered via onboard 18V lithium battery providing energy for up to 20 minutes of almost effortless cleaning.

When unit arrives, the box contains the hard floor mop, 4 mop pads (2x soft pads, 2x scrubby pads), 2 trial size Bissell Multi-Surface cleaning formula, a charger, a storage tray and of course, the instructions/manual.

Bissell 2307 SpinWave is rather lightweight unit, weighing 'just' 11 pounds (~5 kg) with empty cleaning solution tank featuring 28 oz (~0.83 liters) capacity.

bissell 2307 multifloors

Obviously, there are lighter mops on the market, but this is robust and powerful unit, one of the most popular and best buy units in its class.

With the cleaning path of 14 inches (~35.6 cm), Bissell 2307 SpinWave is able to clean large areas of bare floors rather quickly, and thanks to different types of mop pads, it can be even used for cleaning sensitive sealed wooden floors - just be sure to read the manual thoroughly.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check Bissell 2307 SpinWave Hard Floor Mop Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

Steam and Spray Mop Combos operate as corded steam mops and as corded/cordless spray mops. Energy stored in the onboard battery is used only for spray mop pump and for scrubbing mechanism if present.

When being used as steam mops, such units are powered via detachable power cord and basically they operate as classic corded steam mops.

Typical example of such steam and spray mop is Shark SK460 Professional Steam & Spray Mop.

Shark SK460 Professional Steam & Spray Mop

shark sk460 mShark SK460 Professional Steam & Spray Mop is versatile corded/cordless steam/spray mop featuring three cleaning modes, both disposable and reusable mop pads, large water tank, separate hard floor cleanser etc.

Shark SK460 is designed for cleaning practically all sealed and glazed surfaces commonly found at homes and apartments that tolerate steam and spray mop cleaning.

Shark SK460 features 1050 watts (slightly less than 9 Amps) water heater, which requires some 30 seconds to start to produce steam.

Unit is powered via 22 feet (~6.7 m) long detachable power cord, while its spray pump is being powered by 4 AA onboard batteries.

Shark SK460 has three cleaning modes:

- Steam Mode: Shark SK460 is used as classic steam mop and is being powered via power cord. Unit uses hot steam and steam mop pads to clean and even sanitize the floors by killing up to 99.9% of bacteria and other germs.

- Spray Mode: Shark SK460 is used as cordless spray mop, cleaning the surfaces with its mop pads and cleaning solution sprayed via spray pump. This mode is rather gentle and commonly used for cleaning sensitive surfaces.

- Steam and Spray Mode: in this mode Shark SK460 cleans the floors using the combination of hot steam, hard floor cleanser and the scrubbing effect of steam mop pads. This cleaning mode is highly effective in cleaning even the most stubborn stains, dirt and messes, just be sure that the floors tolerate such cleaning.

Shark SK460 features all controls positioned conveniently on the handle, including the 'Spray button' and 'Intelligent Steam Controls', which provides the unit with 3 levels of continuous steam, including SaniFiber of Low Setting, Mop or Medium Setting and Scrub or High Setting.

Shark SK460 is rather versatile unit, able to clean and sanitize large areas of sealed and glazed surfaces rather quickly, saving time and effort.

For more reviews and recommendations, check Shark SK460 Steam and Spray Mop Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

Corded Steam Mops are cheap and reliable devices that operate using mains power. Steam mops combine hot steam and steam mop pads to clean and sanitize floors, killing often up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs without the use of chemicals.

Steam mops are able to clean large areas of bare floors, as long as those floors are certified for such cleaning - wooden floors must have finish that is without cracks and that tolerates hot steam, and tiles should have glazed surface, to prevent the steam entering into the tiles.

Typical example of corded steam mop is very popular and affordable Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop.

Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop

bissell 1940 mBissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop is designed for cleaning and sanitizing bare floors and for refreshing and reviving carpets and rugs.

It is very simple and reliable steam mop, that is available at very affordable price. For all these reasons, it is one of the most popular steam mops on the market for long period of time.

Bissell 1940 features 23 feet (~7 m) long power cord and 1500 watts water heater. It weighs 6 pounds (~2.7 kg) and is highly maneuverable unit with the cleaning path of 12 inches (~30.5 cm).

Water tank capacity is 0.47 liters, which is more than enough for most cleaning tasks.

Bissell 1940 comes with two microfiber cleaning pads (fine microfiber pad for everyday cleaning and scrubbing microfiber pad for tough, stubborn messes) and two Spring Breeze scent discs.

To help users with various floors, Bissell 1940 comes with three steam settings: Low setting, Medium setting and High setting.

Bissell 1940 is lightweight and affordable unit that does its job well and is one of the most popular steam mops on the market for many years.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check BISSELL 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

Corded Steam Mop/Vac Combos are units that combine corded steam mop and small vacuum cleaner in a single unit.

Such units are highly recommended for areas that are often very soiled and require vacuuming with regular vacuum before steaming with classic corded steam mop.

Although corded steam mop/vac combos cost slightly more than classic steam mops, additional features often more than justify their higher price.

One of such units is Bissell 1543A Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner.

Bissell 1543A Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner

bissell 1543a mBissell 1543A Symphony combines steam mop and vacuum cleaner in one unit, saving the time and effort.

While vacuum cleaner removes the pet hair, dust and other debris off the floors, steam mop cleans the floors by removing stuck on messes and sanitizing the surface by killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

Bissell 1543A Symphony comes with 25 feet (~7.6 m) long power cord and features 400 W (3.3 Amps) suction motor and 1100 W (9.2 Amps) water heater.

Bissell 1543A Symphony comes with two microfiber pads optimized for various cleaning tasks. Also, it features additional detachable SteamBoost tray and disposable Swiffer SteamBoost cleaning pads.

Controls are on the handle and they include:

- Hi Steam Setting for cleaning of stubborn messes and dirt,

- Lo Steam Setting for everyday cleaning, especially the cleaning of sensitive, sealed floors.

- Vac On/Off turns the vacuum (suction) On and Off.

Bissell 1543A Symphony weighs 9.74 pounds (~4.4 kg) which is rather lightweight for 2-in-1 unit. Also, it comes with 12.8 oz (380 ml) water tank, which is on average enough for 15 minutes of steam cleaning.

Bissell 1543A Symphony uses washable steam mop pads (fine microfiber pad and scrubby microfiber pad), but it also features detachable SteamBoost tray and disposable Swiffer SteamBoost pads. From time to time, it is better to clean the floors with disposable steam mop pads, especially when cleaning pats and kids messes and stains.

bissell 1543a 4

Since Bissell 1543A Symphony does two cleaning tasks at the same time, it is recommended cleaning tool for soiled bare floors that require both vacuuming and steam cleaning.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check Bissell 1543A Symphony Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

Long Story Short:  If you ever see an ad about cordless steam mops, first check the cable and the battery. If the battery is small or at least smallish, then that battery is used for powering spray mop pump, lights, controls, scrubbing mechanism and other electric parts on the mops.

For example, Shark SK460 features 4xAA battery pack, used for operating the unit's steam mop pump, regardless if the unit is used as corded (steam mop) or as cordless (spray mop) unit.

If you need steam mop, go for a good corded steam mop - it will help you keep your floors and home in general cleaner, safer and more pleasant to live. Steam vacuum may be very helpful and can potentially save plenty of time by vacuuming and steam cleaning at the same time. Cordless and/or corded hard floor spray mops are used for cleaning bare floors with the cleaning solution and mop pads and may be used even for cleaning of sensitive hardwood floors.

Note: when the new unit arrives, be sure to use them according to their manual/instructions.

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