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Carpet Gliders For Steam Mops

Steam mops are designed for cleaning bare floors using the power of hot steam and the scrubbing effect of the cleaning pads.

Although they are not designed for cleaning carpets, using carpet glider attachments, steam mops can be used for refreshing and reviving the carpets. If those carpets are able to tolerate the hot steam ...

Updated: April 20, 2021.

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When purchasing the carpet glider for the steam mop, it is very important to get a carpet glider designed for a specific model of the steam mop. And it should be the OEM part, IMHO.

To refresh and revive the carpets, it is always recommended to move the steam mop over the carpets in continuous motion.

carpet glider 2Steam mops in combination with carpet gliders are not intended to be used as a carpet cleaner or carpet washer, only as a carpet freshener and deodorizer. Fibers from the cleaning pads are in the contact with the carpet, but their cleaning effect is often negligible - light surface cleaning (best case scenario).

The use of scented discs and/or scented water can increase the feeling of freshness and cleanliness.

Note: never leave the steam mop in a stationary position when using the carpet glider on the carpet - the intense heat from the steam mop can damage the carpet, even if it is certified for cleaning with the steam mop and/or high temperatures.

Also, using the steam mop with the carpet glider on the same spot can lead to moisture buildup, which is not recommended, especially when the carpets are positioned on the wooden floors.

Carpet gliders can be purchased as individual items, or in the bundle with cleaning pads, scented discs, distilled water, and similar.

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