Cleaning Attachments, Tools and Accessories

Cleaning attachments, tools and other cleaning accessories often make the difference between having a clean home or not.

Having large set of cleaning tools is not always a warranty that the vacuum cleaner can do the job properly, but having cleaning tools specialized for vacuuming different types of dirt from different types of surfaces can be very important.

Most common additional cleaning tools are crevice tool, dusting brush, pet turbo tool, groom cleaning tool, hard floor tool etc.

Cleaning attachments, tools and accessories, ordered alphabetically:

Bissell 3" Tough Stain Tool Assembly for Carpet Cleaners - Model 314-9162

bissell 3 inch tough stain tool assembly mBissell 3" Tough Stain Tool Assembly for Carpet Cleaners, Model 314-9162 is cheap and reliable cleaning attachment for various Bissell's carpet cleaner models, including all upright carpet cleaners and 'Little Green' models, 1400 and 1720 Series.

It is designed to be attached to the hose of deep carpet cleaners for use on stubborn spots and stains.

Dyson Articulating Hard Floor Tool

dyson articulating hard floor tool mDyson Articulating Hard Floor Tool is designed for vacuuming bare floors including tiles, marble, hardwood, sensitive wooden floors etc.

Dyson Articulating Hard Floor Tool features low profile, swiveling tool neck, two row of soft nylon bristles and is compatible with all Dyson upright and canister vacuum cleaners.

Dyson Asthma & Allergy Kit

dyson asthma and allergie kit mDyson Asthma & Allergy Kit consists of three individual cleaning tools, designed for thorough cleaning hard-to-reach areas around the home or in the car.

Soft dusting brush, flexi crevice tool and mattress tool can significantly help in removing various types of dirt including dust, pollen, pet dander and other potential allergens from different surfaces commonly found at homes and apartments.

Dyson Groom Tool

dyson groom tool mDyson Groom Tool is specialized vacuum cleaner attachment, designed for picking up pet hair, pet dander, dust, pollen and other dirt and allergens commonly found in the pet's coats while still on the pet.

Dyson Groom Tool is easy to use tool, but it also requires some cooperation from the furry friend - when introducing the Dyson Groom Tool to your pet daily routine, start slowly ...

Dyson Home Cleaning Kit

dyson home cleaning kit mDyson Home Cleaning Kit is a very popular cleaning accessory set among the numerous owners of Dyson vacuums.

Dyson Home Cleaning Kit consists of stiff bristle brush, multi-angle brush, soft dusting brush and the adapter for connecting older cordless, upright and canister vacuum cleaners.

Dyson Tangle Free Turbine Tool

dyson tangle free turbine tool mDyson Tangle Free Turbine Tool features a pair of counter-rotating brush heads, set under angle and designed to remove pet and human hair, lint, fibers and other deeply embedded dirt from carpeted and upholstered surfaces.

Dyson Tangle Free Turbine Tool is powered via air turbine and it features no rotating brush bar for hair and fibers to wrap around.

Miele SCC 10 CarCare Accessory 4-in-1 Case Set

miele carcare accessory case mMiele SCC 10 CarCare Accessory 4-in-1 Case Set is set of four individual cleaning tools, stored and carried in the plastic storage case.

Miele SCC 10 CarCare cleaning kit consists of Suction Hose Extension (SFS 10), Universal Brush (SUB 20), Flexible Crevice Tool (SFD 20 Short), and Hand TurboBrush (STB 20).

Miele SCC 10 CarCare cleaning kit is suitable not only for car cleaning, but also for detailed cleaning of homes and apartments.

Miele SFD 20 560mm Extended Flexible Crevice Tool

miele sfd 20 mMiele SFD 20 560mm Extended Flexible Crevice Tool is what its name says - a 22 inches (560 mm) long and flexible crevice tool, greatly increasing the reach, enabling the user to vacuum awkward and often really hard to reach and vacuum places.

Miele SFD 20 is also flat enough to be able to reach under most household appliances.

Miele STB 101 Mini Handheld Turbobrush

miele stb 101 mMiele STB 101 Mini Handheld Turbobrush is designed for cleaning smaller carpeted and upholstered areas by attaching this tool to either flexible cleaning hose or cleaning wand of Miele vacuums.

Miele STB 101 Mini Handheld Turbobrush features an air turbine which powers via drive belt a rotating brushroll.

Shark Mini Motorized Brushes

shark mini motorized brush mShark Mini Motorized Brush or also known as Shark TruePet Mini Motorized Brush is cleaning accessory designed for vacuuming carpeted and upholstered surfaces that area hard-to-reach and thus clean using classic upright vacuums.

There are several Shark Mini Motorized Brushes on the market, and they all look very similarly, but each brush is designed for different vacuum model and thus, they should not be interchanged.